RainWise in India

TRENTON — RainWise, a Maine-based manufacturer of professional grade meteorological equipment, is helping to deliver world-class technology-enabled curriculum to the Asian College of Journalism (ACJ) in Chennai, India. The effort is being put forth by The Weather Company, an IBM Business that is collaborating with RainWise for the curriculum.

“RainWise is proud of our worldwide relationship with The Weather Company and IBM, which started more than three years ago,” said Carsten Steenberg, CEO of RainWise. “Being able to use this relationship to help educate budding journalists about the very fickle yet important sciences associated with weather forecasting and reporting is awesome.”

The collaboration has The Weather Company educating and enabling the young journalists with the most effective means of interpreting weather data.

To do this, the students and staff of Asian College of Journalism will have access to the Personal Weather Station (PWS), which is manufactured and provided by RainWise.

The PWS will enable students to have the most localized weather information available to interpret data effectively. The PWS also will provide conditions for exact locations for the students, and allow them to visualize the data through graphs and dashboards.

“We are grateful that The Weather Company is recommending the RainWise weather stations for projects around the world,” said Steenberg. “We are especially excited about the high activity taking place in the Asia-Pacific region, most recently with this collaboration with the Asian College of Journalism.”

“The changing role and crucial importance of weather in our lives makes this awareness — and the journalistic expertise to cover the weather in all its predictability and unpredictability — an indispensable part of new age journalism,” said Sashi Kumar, chairman of the journalism school.

India has started to see changing weather patterns which are diametrically different to what has been seen in the past 30 years, including life-threatening weather conditions.

RainWise, located in Trenton, incorporated in 1974, started with a remote reading tipping bucket rain gauge. RainWise later developed the first digital weather station in 1981 and now has more than 50 rain and temperature gauges, monitors, sensors and related software. RainWise is employee-owned and continues to manufacture professional-grade meteorological equipment for consumer, enterprise, and industrial applications.

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