Island Police: Power theft reported in Southwest Harbor 

Southwest Harbor 

On Aug. 24, a couple on Seal Cove Road were reported for allegedly stealing power from their neighbors. When two officers responded to the address, they arrested Brittany Carter, 34, of Southwest Harbor, on a charge of theft of services and Christopher Sullivan, 38, on a charge of violating conditions of bail (five times) and accomplice to liability. Sullivan was arrested and taken to Hancock County Jail. 

When police received a call about a juvenile riding a dirt bike up and down Seawall Road on Aug. 25, an officer responded to the area and spoke with the child and their father. A warning was given to the pair, who were cooperative, according to the officer, and talked about alternative places to ride the dirt bike. 

Around 4 p.m. on Aug. 25, a restaurant owner came to the police station to report theft of services after a patron left without paying for their meal. 

Gunshots were reported around 7:45 p.m. on Aug. 25. When an officer went to the area to check, a person there said they had heard fireworks around the same time the gunshots were reported.  

A banner with “Happy Birthday” on it was found in the road and brought to the police station on Aug. 26 and placed in the found box. 

An officer responded to a report of possible gunshots on Clark Point Road around 8 p.m. on Aug. 26 but no one in the area had heard them. 

Police responded to a report of a family member threatening the person who was calling around 8:30 p.m. on Aug. 26. When the officer arrived, he found it to be a family matter. 

Police are evaluating a report made on Friday of a possible hazardous intersection regarding the five-way stop on Clark Point Road. 

A dog left in a car on Clark Point Road was reported on Friday around 12:30 p.m. When the officer arrived to check the vehicle, the dog sat up and was barking at him. The officer was able to find the owner of the vehicle who went back to retrieve the dog and was warned about leaving an animal in a hot car. 

A dog found on Main Street was brought to the police station around 5:30 p.m. on Friday until its owner retrieved it.  

A suspicious person in a parked car on Marshall Brook Road was reported around 3:30 p.m. on Saturday. When police contacted the person, they told the officer they were on the phone.  

An officer was asked to be present during a child custody swap on Saturday. All went smoothly, according to the officer. 

Police received a report of vandalism on Sunday. When an officer responded to the residence, he found marks near a window that looked like someone had tried to pry it open but had not been successful.  

A homemade trailer parked at the Upper Town Dock for several days was reported to police by the harbormaster on Monday. After determining it belonged to a resident, the office and harbormaster decided to contact the owner about it.  

Police heard from an angry resident and a delivery truck driver around 10 a.m. on Monday after they got into an argument on Village Green Way. An officer was able to diffuse the situation. 

Around 11 a.m. on Monday, police received a report from the town’s water and sewer district regarding someone trespassing at the pump station on Clark Point Road. According to the police chief, employees of the district had been cleaning things out of the small building for some time and decided to report it after having to clean up what they suspect was human waste. Police were asked to check the building during the evenings.  

Police received a report about a vehicle that resulted with Kiel MacLeod, 39, of Brewer, being arrested on charges of violating his probation. 


An officer assisted the Department of Health and Human Services with a home visit on Aug. 12. 

A man was given a warning after another man reported being threatened by him on Friday. 


A person reported being followed by a suspicious vehicle around town from Ellsworth just after 3 p.m. on Aug. 14. When they spoke with an officer, the caller reported being at the town’s fire department with a family member. They were unable to give a license plate number or identify the person driving the other vehicle. 

After a man asking for money claiming he had run out of gas approached a woman from across the street, she called the police around 1 a.m. on Aug. 25. An officer responded to the area and found the man who had run out of gas who said he had a friend coming to help. 

Police received a call from a man on Aug. 16 who reported that he had lost two Stihl chainsaws off the back of his truck somewhere between Trenton and Mount Desert. The information was documented in the case the chainsaws were found.  

A woman possibly in a mental health crisis, yelling at a man on the side of the road, was reported around 11 a.m. on Saturday. After deputies and emergency medical personnel arrived, she was checked and released into the custody of a friend. 

Two vehicles were towed after one crossed the center line of Route 3 around 3:30 p.m. on Sunday, hitting another and causing it to roll over. A Chevy Silverado was traveling north on Route 3 when a Toyota Camry driven by Rowan Findlay, 57, crossed the center line. The Camry hit the driver’s side of the truck, causing the truck’s driver to lose control. The truck rolled several times before coming to a rest on its wheels. No one was injured in the incident.  

Two people walking down the road very close to traffic and at one point laying in a ditch around 6 p.m. on Monday were reported. When an officer found them, he warned them to stay out of the road. As a result, one of them, Justin Bent, 34, of Tremont or Southwest Harbor (both were reported), was arrested on an outstanding warrant and taken to the Hancock County Jail. 

Bar Harbor 

On Aug. 23 at 12:31 a.m., an officer found a large tree partially blocking Great Meadow Drive. The officer was not able to remove it, so he placed a traffic cone in front of it to prevent vehicles from hitting it. The officer then asked the dispatcher to leave a message with the Highway Division to let them know about it. 

At 12:42 a.m. on Aug. 23, an officer spoke with the occupants of two vehicles who were sleeping at the ballpark. The officer made them aware of the local ordinance that prohibits overnight camping on public property. 

One of the lights at the intersection of the head of the island was not functioning the morning of Aug. 23. The flow of traffic was not affected and the report stated that the Department of Transportation would address the issue.  

The police department took a report on Aug. 23 about a vehicle that had struck a tree and left the scene. The matter is being investigated. 

On Aug. 23, the police department received a report of two blond-colored Golden Retrievers playing in the water on the bar with no apparent owner present. 

At 3:09 a.m. on Aug. 24, an officer went to a Bar Harbor campground after it was reported that an intoxicated person was having a verbal argument with their spouse. The couple was separated prior to the officer’s arrival. 

On Aug. 24, the police department received a call from a Pennsylvania woman who said she believed her Toyota Camry had been struck while it was parked at Hannaford’s on Aug. 22. Hannaford employees checked surveillance video at an officer’s request but did not find evidence of a crash occurring while the woman’s vehicle was at the store. 

A man from Aurora, Colo., called the police department on Aug. 24 to report losing his Husky screw box. The department’s lost and found was checked but no box had been turned in. The man’s information was taken down and he was told he would be contacted if someone turned his property in. 

On Aug. 24, a white transit bus driven by Joseph Jacob, 49, of Methuen, Mass., struck a parked Toyota Camry owned by PVC Holding Corp. while pulling up to the curb to let passengers off. No one was injured but the Camry’s front driver’s side was damaged.  

Mount Desert Island Hospital contacted the police department on Aug. 24 to ask if the department could get a State of Maine “Blue Paper,” which is used for emergency involuntary hospitalization, endorsed by a judge for a patient in the hospital’s emergency department.   

On Aug. 25, a report was called in to the police department about a yellow Lab running around near the bar on Bridge Street. An officer found the dog and brought it back to the station. The dog’s owner came in a short time later and said he was working next door to the bar. The owner’s information was taken down and he took his dog. 

Dispatch took at 911 hang up call on Aug. 25 that came from the community pool in town. An officer went to the pool and spoke with the mother of an 8-year-old who had picked up the phone and then got scared when someone answered. The officer spoke with the child about only using 911 for emergencies. The child apologized and said they would not do it again.   

An officer assisted a local building contractor with an escort from Route 102 to Northeast Harbor on Aug. 26. 

The police department received multiple calls on Aug. 26 about a dog in a van on Cottage Street. An officer went to the van and found a small white poodle-type dog. The rear windows of the van were open, and the officer stuck his hand in and found it was not hot. The officer noted that the dog had plenty of energy and did not appear to be in distress. The owners were located a short time later and the officer spoke to them about the dangers of dogs in vehicles in the summer and sent them on their way. 

On Aug. 26, a person dropped off at the station an iPhone that had been found on the top of a car. It was logged and put into the department’s lost and found for safekeeping. 

A charter bus making a left hand turn off Main Street onto West Street on Aug. 26 struck a parked Jeep, causing minor damage to both vehicles. 

Dispatch took a 911 hang up call on Friday that came from a residence off Indian Point Road. An officer went to the residence and found the family hooking up a trailer in the driveway. The father brought his 8-year-old son over who said he had called by mistake and was sorry.  

On Friday, an officer responded to a report of dogs running loose on the sand bar. The dogs’ owner came and got the dogs after being contacted. 

The police department took a complaint of a dog in a car on High Street on Friday. An officer checked and found the car parked in the shade and cool to the touch. The small dog inside appeared to be fine, according to the police log, and had water and a bed. Dispatch spoke with the dog’s owner, who said she works across the street from where the car was parked and checks on the dog constantly. 

On Friday, the police department took a report of two Golden Retrievers roaming at large on Lower Bridge Street. 

An officer assisted Acadia National Park personnel on Friday in trying to locate a missing hiker, who was later found in the park. 

On Friday, Jason A. Locke, 39, of Bar Harbor, and Richard J. Burke, 25, of Montana, were both issued a summons for criminal mischief. 

On Saturday, Alexander J. Smith, 20, of Surry, was issued a summons for driving to endanger. 

Someone called the police department on Saturday to report a dog in a local business that was closed. The caller was worried that the dog had been forgotten. Contact was made with the business owner who said he was inside and that the dog was fine. 

At 1:43 a.m. on Sunday, an officer found three unextinguished campfires at a beach in Bar Harbor and put them out properly. 

On Sunday, dispatch took a 911 call from someone who requested an ambulance for a 74-year-old woman who had fainted. The woman was check out but refused to be transported to the hospital. 

On Sunday, a Ford F150 towing a boat trailer was making a left-hand turn onto Gilbert Farm Road from Route 102. While making the turn, the trailer caught a bike rack that was attached to the back of a Toyota Rav4 that was sitting in traffic at the intersection, causing damage to the rack. Luke Abell of Cranberry Isles was given a verbal warning for not having a temporary trailer registration for the newly purchased trailer. 

An officer assisted the Bar Harbor Ambulance on Sunday with a 37-year-old man who had fallen off a small scooter and had hit his head on the pavement. 

The police are investigating a report of two parking meters that were ripped out of the ground and laying in the street. Four suspects have been located.  

Mount Desert 

On Aug. 23, there was a report of a dog that slipped its collar biting someone at the Northeast Harbor marina. 

On Aug. 24, a Subaru driven by a Tremont woman was traveling northbound on Sound Drive and struck and killed a coyote that had entered the roadway. 

On Aug. 25, a GMC Sierra pickup truck being operated by Mark Louderback of Cincinnati, Ohio, was traveling southward on State Highway 102 in Somesville and pulled off the roadway to the right to make a U-turn. The Toyota Tacoma following the GMC began to pass on the left when Louderback made the U-turn, and the GMC hit the passenger rear side of the Tacoma. The GMC’s front driver side bumper was damaged as well as the Tacoma’s passenger side rear quarter panel. Neither driver was injured. 

An officer responded to a report of an injured deer on Sound Drive the morning of Aug. 25. The vehicle that struck the deer had left the area prior to the officer’s arrival and the officer had to shoot the deer. 

An officer helped the Northeast Harbor Ambulance and Mount Desert Fire Department on Aug. 25 for a bicyclist who had fallen and hit their head on Peabody Drive.  

As of Aug. 26, there is a matter under investigation over some damage done to the Village Green in Northeast Harbor where the farmer’s market took place. 

An officer responded to a car/deer incident in Hall Quarry on Friday where he found a very small deer and no damage to the vehicle involved. The officer watched the deer for about five minutes while it stood there and then walked away from the scene. 

At 1 a.m. on Saturday, an officer responded to a noise complaint at a local campground. 

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