Port management certificate to be offered at MMA

CASTINE — The Loeb-Sullivan Graduate School of International Business and Logistics at Maine Maritime Academy and the International Association of Maritime and Port Executives have agreed to work together on professional development for the maritime and port industry.

Under the agreement, MMA and the association will acknowledge and endorse each other’s programs. The association will provide professional certification as Maritime Port Manager to academy students for successfully completing the graduate program.

In essence, MMA graduate students will earn both the Master of Science degree as well as the professional certification. Association members who independently complete the certification can receive academic credit toward the graduate degree at the academy. The association also will share its research and electronic library with the academy as well as sharing course content for the Maritime Port Management and Maritime Port Executive certifications.

Both organizations will promote each other’s programs to benefit professionals in the industry. They will work together to develop new programs and undertake research to improve offerings to the global industry.

“We are very pleased to be working with Maine Maritime Academy in this important effort and look forward to expanding the professional development goals of both of our organizations,” Capt. F. Bradley Wellock, chairman of the association’s board of advisors, said in a written statement.

“This is a great opportunity for the master’s degree logistic programs at MMA to provide additional value to our students as well as to contribute to education of maritime and port professionals worldwide,” said Donald Maier, dean of the Loeb-Sullivan School. “Working with IAMPE will enhance our effort and commitment to advancing global standards in the maritime and port industry.”

The International Association of Maritime and Port Executives is a nonprofit industry association that provides professional certification internationally for maritime and port professionals. The association offers professional development seminars in port management and operations, and executive management, and also has an ongoing continuing education program. The association provides industry-recognized professional certification based on standards and review approved by its board, comprised of more than 20 professionals from ports and maritime interests throughout North America.


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