Walking a fine line

SOUTHWEST HARBOR — Selectmen here took no action on a request from Acadia National Park officials regarding a recommendation of a surveyor to resurvey a section of the boundary between Southwest Harbor and Tremont.

The park wants to resurvey the line between Ship Harbor and the Adams Bridge. The line was surveyed three times, in 2002, 2004 and 2005. Each time came up with different results. The park wants a new surveyor to review that information in making a determination as to the exact location of the line.

Town Manage Don Lagrange said it would not be a conflict of interest if selectmen decided to recommend their chairman, Tom Benson, who is a licensed surveyor, for the job. Selectmen, however, were wary of any suggestion of a possible conflict.

“Politically, it doesn’t make sense to appoint a town father to survey the line between the two towns,” said Dan Norwood.

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