Plea deal

ELLSWORTH — According to Hancock County District Attorney Matthew Foster, former Bar Harbor Police Chief Nathan Young received no special treatment in negotiating Young’s plea of guilty to a charge of operating while under the influence.

Young, 55, pleaded guilty to the OUI charge and a separate charge of violating conditions of his release on June 21 in Hancock County Unified Criminal Court. The pleas were entered on his behalf by his attorney, Wayne Foote.

Young, at the time of his arrest in December 2016, refused to submit to testing that would determine his blood alcohol level, Foster said earlier this year. Maine law states that refusing a test is an aggravating factor, and driver’s who refuse and are convicted of OUI face stiffer penalties than those who do comply. The allegation of refusing the test was dropped as part of the plea agreement.

In an email sent last week, Foster said that there were “some issues” surrounding Young’s consent regarding testing and a question of whether some or all of the state’s evidence in the case would be suppressed if he filed a motion to suppress.

“Mr. Young hired one of the best OUI attorneys in the state, and we made the decision to get a conviction for an OUI with a slightly lesser penalty than originally charged rather than roll the dice and lose a sure-thing conviction over a dispute about a few days in jail,” Foster wrote.

Young was sentenced to pay a $500 fine and serve a 150-day driver’s license suspension. He was not ordered to serve any time in jail. He additionally was ordered to pay a $500 fine on the charge of violating the conditions of his release.


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