The Harbor Committee visited the ferry terminal at 121 Eden Street last month to start planning a multi-use waterfront facility for the town. “Our ultimate goal is to put in a marina, said Chair Lynne Williams. ISLANDER FILE PHOTO

Planning begins for future town marina

BAR HARBOR — The town’s Harbor Committee met at the ferry terminal at 121 Eden Street last month to look at the facility and begin to plan future projects. “Our ultimate goal is to put in a marina,” said Lynne Williams, who chairs the committee. “That’s a long-term goal.”

The harbor committee is responsible for preparing plans for a multi-use waterfront facility at the ferry terminal property.

Bay Ferries has leased a portion of the ferry terminal property to offer international ferry service, starting on a date yet to be determined.

“We met briefly with a representative from Bay Ferries,” Williams said. “Then we looked at everything else.”

Bay Ferries’ lease is for five years, Williams said, and “there’s no reason why we can’t proceed with our planning.”

Harbormaster Charlie Phippen will put out a request for proposals (RFP) for civil engineers to do an inventory of the site, Williams said, “to see what we can keep and what to tear down.”

The committee has also discussed the impact of Article 5 on future plans for a multi-use waterfront facility. Article 5 was a citizens initiative passed by voters in June that amended the Land Use Ordinance (LUO) to limit pier lengths to 500 feet.

Williams said as far as she’s concerned those length limitations should not affect the committee’s planning at this point.

“[Article 5] was raised at the last meeting in July,” Williams said, “but my opinion is that we’re doing planning. And we can do whatever we want with planning. If what we plan requires some amendments [to the LUO], then we can talk about that. But we’re not on that point now.”

Williams was named temporary chair of the Harbor Committee on July 8, after former chair Juanita Young stepped down.

At the next meeting on Aug. 12, Williams was elected chair. Bob Garland was elected vice chair, and Valerie Peacock was elected secretary.

The Harbor Committee was expanded last year from seven to 11 members, by unanimous vote of the Town Council. That vote also expanded the committee’s responsibilities to include planning for the ferry terminal property, newly acquired by the town in January.

The Harbor Committee meets on the second Monday of every month.

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