Placement of warrant articles

BAR HARBOR — Citizens at the last Town Council meeting raised questions about how bond issues are voted on here.

Resident Jake Jagle asked councilors on Jan. 18 why the bond issue for the $3.5 million purchase of the ferry terminal property was going to the June 12 written ballot rather than to the floor of the June 5 town meeting.

Previous bond issues, like for the new transfer station, were commonly discussed and voted on at the open town meeting. Town Clerk Pat Gray said that town councilors have the discretion to place bond issues on either the floor or written ballot.

She said budget items generally go to the open town meeting, except in cases where the council decides to put bond issues on the written ballot.

Gray said citizen initiatives, like Article 13 from last town meeting, always go to a written ballot rather than the open town meeting. Resolutions, like the sanctuary community petition from 2017, are always voted on by a yes or no vote at the open town meeting.

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