‘Parklet’ applications 

 BAR HARBOR — Downtown businesses can now apply for up to two on-street town parking spaces for outdoor restaurant or retail use, after the Town Council approved the plan Tuesday. 

An initial application period for “curbside temporary outdoor restaurant and retail operation” permits ends June 10, and businesses may begin using the approved spaces June 12. Additional enrollment periods may be added by the Town Manager. 

Applications must be approved by the Code Enforcement Officer, fire department, police department, public works department and town finance office.  

A fee of $250 per month was suggested by the Chamber of Commerce committee working on the details of the plan with town staff, since there are not enough parking spaces for every business to use two, but councilors reduced the fee to $100 per month. 

Business are also responsible for the expense of approved traffic barriers and equipment. 

Town rules for business signage have also been temporarily changed to allow for additional signs related to COVID-19 business changes and precautions. 





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