Parking zoning hearing set

BAR HARBOR — A public hearing is set for Aug. 16 on a zoning change that would allow a proposed downtown parking garage to move forward. Officials have said approving the zoning change does not necessarily mean the garage will be built – several other levels of public review would be necessary for the project.

The two parking-related amendments to the land use ordinance were recommended by the Planning Board for the November 2016 warrant.

Councilors voted July 19 to approve the Planning Board’s recommendation to combine the changes adding “parking garage” into a single warrant article, rather than present them as several separate ballot questions. The issue has bounced between the two groups several times since it was first presented to the council in December of last year.

Parking garages already are allowed in downtown districts as an “accessory use” to hotels and multi-family dwellings, but stand-alone parking facilities are not permitted.

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