Parking info for businesses

BAR HARBOR — Anchorspace, Bar Harbor’s coworking space, will hold an informational webinar Friday, June 21 at 3 p.m. geared towrard businesses and their employees about how the changes local parking rules will affect them this season.

“There’s been a lot of education of how parking will work in town for residents and visitors, but businesses have unique concerns, like how to provide their employees parking,” said Anchorspace owner Nicole Ouellette.

Jane Holland, community manager of Anchorspace and a member of the town’s parking task force, is helping organize financial and legal experts to weigh in on common questions business owners will have about parking.

“This session is not to discuss the plan itself or a Town of Bar Harbor event, but will have information and ideas on how to build parking considerations into your business model,” Holland said.

“For example, if a business decides to buy employees their parking permits, what are the tax implications?”

Business owners will pre-register online and get the link to watch the seminar live online.

“As we want to make this accessible to our local business owners, we have decided not to charge our normal $25 registration fee,” said Holland. “Donations will be welcomed and will help us decide how and if we can organize events like this in the future.”


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