The parking meter used in a test in October. ISLANDER FILE PHOTO

Parking hearing

BAR HARBOR — The Parking Solutions Task Force will hold a public hearing Monday, Nov. 28, at 6 p.m. at the Municipal Building to hear comments on their draft recommendations for a parking meter and kiosk program.

“The task force has tried to work methodically through the consultant’s recommendations for a seasonal parking program, attempting fair allocation of a limited public resource among residents, visitors, and employees,” facilitator Ron Beard said. “The various elements (meters, kiosks and permit parking) would be in force from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. when our streets are most crowded, and funded by users, not property taxes.

“But, it is a big change for our town, and we look forward to members of the public reviewing and improving on our work before we forward our report to the Town Council.”

The recommendations are to install parking meters on Main, Cottage, West and Mount Desert streets, Kennebec Place and Firefly Lane and to install kiosks in all public lots. A residential/employee parking permit program is recommended for the commercial districts.

A test meter was installed on Cottage Street in mid-October to see how it would affect pedestrian traffic flow. A sign taped to it read, “Not in use.”

“The meter was up just under two weeks,” Town Manager Cornell Knight said. “We are guessing that the tape/sign was removed over the weekend before the meter was removed on Monday. There was $8.60 in change in it. No telling how many used their credit card, as it was programmed to work with credit cards as a demo, but would not actually charge the card holder.”

The report and frequently asked questions about the program are on the town’s website.

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