Maine news from Ellsworth, Bucksport, Gouldsboro, Blue Hill, Sullivan, Surry, Hancock, Deer Isle, Stonington, Orland and throughout Hancock County.

  • Major Asticou Inn renovation approved 

    Major Asticou Inn renovation approved 

    MOUNT DESERT — A major renovation of the historic Asticou Inn in Northeast Harbor will not create any more guest rooms – the number will remain at 31 – but they will be quite a bit larger.  That is possible because 19 small rooms previously used by staff or, in earlier times, the servants of inn guests are being eliminated to create more space for

  • Abbe returns artifacts to tribes 

    Abbe returns artifacts to tribes 

    BAR HARBOR — Imagine if the bones of someone in your bloodline were on display, or stored in a drawer, in a museum.  “You’d feel a little spooked going into that place,” said Chris Newell, executive director and senior partner to the Wabanaki Nations at the Abbe Museum. He’s a citizen of the Passamaquoddy Tribe

  • Culvert work needs a plan 

    Culvert work needs a plan 

    SOUTHWEST HARBOR— Main Street parking lot owner John Williams is now widening the private road along the south side of the lot by installing a 24-inch culvert.   Williams went before the town’s Planning Board to have them review an application but plans for the culvert project that will ultimately expand 3 Rod Road were not included,

  • A town meeting for Christmas? 

    TRENTON — The longer the Board of Selectmen waits to hold the annual Town Meeting, where residents can vote on this year’s elementary school budget, the more likely it is that programs – and possibly positions – will have to be cut for lack of funds, school officials said last week.  But it is now almost certain that the Town Meeting will not

  • Food pantries brace for increased need this fall

    Food pantries brace for increased need this fall

    SOUTHWEST HARBOR— Since March, the number of people receiving food from the Common Good Soup Kitchen has doubled while their number of volunteers has declined by about 75 percent.   “Prior to the pandemic, we were serving about 100 people in a variety of ways,” said Executive Director Laurie Ward in a conversation with the Islander on

  • $5.9M sought for new Explorer buses 

    $5.9M sought for new Explorer buses 

    ACADIA NAT’L PARK — The park has applied for a $5.9 million grant from the Federal Highway Administration to increase the size of the Island Explorer fleet from 30 to 49 buses over the next five years.  The money would cover the purchase of 21 new buses, two of which would replace the two old buses that

  • Planning Board and Council begin long vacation rental conversation

    BAR HARBOR— Despite a questionable tourist season on Mount Desert Island this summer, over 100 more vacation rental permit applications have come to the code enforcement office than last year.   “A lot of these were people who panicked when they thought the ordinance was going to change, so they got their applications in,” Code Enforcement Officer

  • Dr. Oh running for House 

    Dr. Oh running for House 

    BAR HARBOR – Local dentist Timothy Oh is running for the Maine House of Representatives in District 135 (Bar Harbor, Lamoine, Mount Desert), seeking civility and collaborative problem solving for the difficult times ahead. Active in the community for over a decade, Oh is seeking office for the first time, moved to action by the breakdown

  • Ossanna runs Bigfoot 200 on local trails 

    Ossanna runs Bigfoot 200 on local trails 

    BAR HARBOR— Melissa Ossanna calls herself a ‘crazy runner type.’  The type who forwent an office chair in her workstation to not only stand up but to also be in constant motion, if she chooses.  “I have a walking treadmill at my computer that just keeps me in shape for whatever, whenever,” said Ossanna in a conversation with the