Ordinance changes to be considered


MOUNT DESERT — Members of the town’s Land Use Zoning Ordinance (LUZO) advisory committee will meet next Tuesday, Nov. 13, to begin considering whether any changes are needed in the LUZO, the Subdivision Ordinance and the Sale of Food and Merchandise Ordinance.

That last ordinance includes provisions for the licensing of mobile food vendors. Two such vendors were licensed to operate at the Northeast Harbor Marina the past two summers.

Town Manager Durlin Lunt said the LUZO advisory committee, which is appointed by the board of selectmen, starts meeting around this time each year to discuss possible ordinance changes.

“There’s always a backlog of things we haven’t addressed,” he said. “A citizens’ group is not going to have that many hours to work on it. So, we have to prioritize and decide what the most important issues are to bring before the town.”

Land use planning consultant Noel Musson works with the LUZO advisory committee and suggests ordinance amendments for consideration. Any amendments proposed by the advisory committee must go to voters at town meeting for approval.

Since being adopted in 1978, the LUZO has been amended 43 times, including in each of the past 19 years. The Subdivision Ordinance, adopted in 1991, has been amended 11 times, including at the last two annual town meetings.

The Sale of Food and Merchandise Ordinance was enacted at the 2015 town meeting and amended in 2017.

The advisory committee’s meeting next Tuesday is scheduled for 6 p.m. in the town hall meeting room.


Dick Broom

Dick Broom

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