Mark Berry, president and CEO of the Schoodic Institute, left, with entrepreneur David Evans Shaw and oceanographer Sylvia Earle at the Bar Harbor Club on July 15. ISLANDER PHOTO BY MATT MITTERHOFF

Oceanographer touts inquiry

BAR HARBOR — If the oceans are in trouble, so is life on land, warned noted oceanographer Sylvia Earle, speaking at the Bar Harbor Club on Friday, July 15. “No blue, no green,” she said.

“It’s that ocean out there – it influences everything, she said. “Water is the key to all life.”

Humans may be able to mold the planet to their benefit, “but nature bats last,” she added.

Earle had been invited, along with entrepreneur David Evans Shaw, to speak at the celebration of the “Second Century Stewardship” initiative, a partnership between the Schoodic Institute, the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and Acadia National Park.

The initiative aims to further study the ecology and environment of Acadia National Park as it enters its second century of existence.

Speaking for about 10 minutes, Earle covered the importance of science, the importance of searching for answers and how through the pursuit of science, one really can make a difference.

“It is all about knowing,” she said. “If you don’t know, you can’t care.”

Earle ended her speech on a note about the importance of preserving and studying the ocean.

“The best part of this planet awaits our attention,” she said.

Before Earle spoke, Mark Berry, president and CEO of the Schoodic Institute, introduced Abby Paulson, the first Second Century Stewardship Research Fellow. Paulson will receive a grant from the institute to study how the environment affects ecological communities within the park.

Later, Shaw took to the podium to say a few words about the initiative and to introduce his new film, “Second Century Stewardship: Science beyond the Scenery in Acadia National Park,” which showcases the importance of studying the ecosystem of Acadia.

The whole program ended with Shaw ringing in the centennial with a bell that was given to him as a gift.

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