Yellowfin tuna. A grant to the University of Maine to evaluate the stock of yellowfin tuna is among six that may be awarded by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

NOAA recommending $1.5 million for Maine

BOSTON — The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced last week that it was recommending six Maine fisheries research projects for a total of $1.5 million in Saltonstall-Kennedy program grants.

In line for funding, but still subject to final approval, are grants to the following.

The Downeast Institute for Applied Marine Research and Education, $278,000 for demonstrating aquaculture technologies designed to increase the supply, quality and diversification of domestic seafood and field experiments with cultured arctic surf clams. Last Friday, the organization celebrated the groundbreaking of a $5.8 million expansion of its facilities on Beals Island.

The Gulf of Maine Research Institute, $288,888 to study the issue of “choke species” in a changing climate. Choke species are fish with very small landings quotas. Fishermen who haul them in as bycatch may be forced to stop fishing for other species.

The Atlantic Offshore Lobstermen’s Association, $141,092 to continue and expand the 2015 tagging effort studying lobster migration and growth on Georges Bank and in the Gulf of Maine.

The Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences, $298,932 to study the phytoremediation potential of farmed kelp in connection with shellfish aquaculture.

The University of Maine, $299,623 to evaluate the life history and stock structure of yellowfin tuna in the northwest Atlantic Ocean.

The University of Maine, $275,308 to assess the potential for the sustainability of fishing-dependent coastal Maine communities in the face of environmental and socioeconomic change.

According to the NOAA, as of Monday, June 12, “application approval and obligation is not final.” Recommendation of a grant is not the same as authorization to begin the project and does not guarantee funding.

Final approval is subject to funding availability as well as final review and approval by both the NOAA Grants Management Division and the Department of Commerce Financial Assistance Law Division. No grant application is considered to be awarded until it has been signed by the official grants officer, who will notify successful applicants in writing when their application has been approved.

Stephen Rappaport

Stephen Rappaport

Waterfront Editor at The Ellsworth American
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