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New chiropractic office opens in Bar Harbor

BAR HARBOR — Joel Chaloux has opened his first chiropractic office, called Movement Med, in the West Eden Commons at the intersection between ME-102 and Crooked Road in Bar Harbor. Chaloux offers personalized body modification services tailored to each patient. 

“I try to keep people’s goals as the number one priority. The people here in Maine are very tough and don’t care so much about pain, but more about the activities the pain is keeping them from doing,” said Chaloux. 

Chaloux attended the University of Bridgeport (UB) in Connecticut for his undergraduate and doctor of chiropractic degrees.  

In his early 20s, Chaloux suffered a neck injury that resulted from his physically intense lifestyle. “UB had a hands-on chiropractic program that did a bit of work with me, and the injury on my neck was completely gone after one visit,” he said. 

Before he decided to launch his own practice, Chaloux worked at another chiropractic facility for about three years. 

Having his own practice, said Chaloux, gives him more time to connect with his patients. Movement Med was launched because Chaloux wanted to offer longer appointment slots. 

“I don’t want it to be just an in-and-out thing. I want to make sure that I’m actually helping the client without wasting their time or money,” he said. 

Different practitioners have different approaches and methods to doing things, so Chaloux focuses on evidence and patient-based care. He targets the reasons behind why a person is seeking care so that their desired goals can be achieved. He bases his client’s conditions on the performance of their muscles, joints and nerves, which sometimes requires him to make an adjustment.  

“I call it a movement supplement. I have adjustments and manual therapies that I do to get people to loosen up their joints,” he said. 

Chaloux thinks that all providers, especially doctors and chiropractors, should cooperate on behalf of a patient’s well-being.  

“The more we work as a team, and not in a competitive way, the more likely the patients are going to have better outcomes,” he said. To ensure problems get solved, theChaloux provides all his patients’ doctors with a detailed summary of their visits. 

Movement Med appointments can be booked by phone at (207) 801-9277 or online at Potential clients are also encouraged to visit the Movement Med Facebook page. 

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