Mutual aid

SOUTHWEST HARBOR — Selectmen this week approved agreements allowing police officers to serve as county sheriff’s deputies and to assist the National Park Service in emergencies.

“This is just for us to help each other out,” said Police Chief Alan Brown on the phone Wednesday.

Brown is already deputized because of his previous stint with the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office, as is Officer Franklin Burke. The chief is looking to have his three other full-time officers sworn in as sheriff’s deputies.

“My officers are not working independently as deputies,” explained Brown.

The agreement is meant to lawfully authorize officers from Southwest Harbor to assist the sheriff’s department in emergencies in Tremont, Trenton and other areas throughout the county.

Similarly, the agreement with the national park service also allows officers from Southwest Harbor to lawfully operate within park boundaries.

Earlier this summer, selectmen approved a police mutual aid agreement between Southwest Harbor and the towns of Bar Harbor and Mount Desert.

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