MOU approved for Frenchboro residents

TREMONT — Frenchboro residents can register their fishing vessels at the Tremont Town Office for at least the next five years, according to a recently approved Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). 

After some confusion and frustration from employees at the Tremont Town Office and residents of Frenchboro when they were attempting to register their boats, officials of Tremont asked officials from the outer island to draft an MOU. 

One was presented during the Aug. 2 Board of Selectmen meeting and members of the board unanimously authorized Tremont Town Manager Jesse Dunbar to sign it.  

After explaining how the towns have a history where Tremont, being the closest mainland town to Frenchboro, has assisted Frenchboro residents in registering their boats, the MOU lays out the responsibilities for each town.  

Residents of Frenchboro are to begin the process of registering their boats at their town office, where they will also pay the excise tax. A manual copy of the fishing vessel registration is to be filled out by the town, and a copy of the registration and a receipt for the excise tax payment is to be brought to the Tremont Town Office.  

Once these items are brought to Tremont, employees of the town office are to finish the registration process for the state’s Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. To finish the registration process, residents of Frenchboro are required to pay the town of Tremont a state registration fee and an agent fee.  

As written, the MOU is to be in effect for five years from the date of signing. There is also a caveat in the document that states if the inventory of boat stickers becomes low because of a shortage at the state level, the town of Tremont reserves the right to give priority to its residents. 

Sarah Hinckley

Sarah Hinckley

Former Islander reporter Sarah Hinckley covered the towns of Southwest Harbor, Tremont and neighboring islands.

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