This moose, spotted Monday on the Bayside Road, looked sickly. A game warden responded and said the animal was not ill but rather young, thin and “numb.” PHOTO COURTESY OF EPD

Motorists worry about ill moose

ELLSWORTHA sickly looking moose that slowed traffic on Bayside Road between Trenton and Ellsworth Monday morning was found to be healthy and sent back into the woods by a game warden.

Detective Dotty Small said the moose, which looked thin and sickly, was first reported to police at 7:37 a.m. Monday. It was seen in the area of 505 Bayside Road, just south of Spindle Road.

Officer Jon Mahon responded and directed traffic around the large brown animal, as many motorists were slowing down to take a look.

Police posted a photo of the animal on Facebook and urged passers-by not to approach it. Many people commented on the photo and expressed concern about the animal’s well-being, speculating whether ticks, worms or chronic wasting disease might be to blame.

Game Warden Eric Rudolph of the Maine Warden Service responded and determined that the moose was not sick but rather young, thin and “numb.”

Rudolph later stated he used the word “numb” to indicate that the young moose did not know how to deal with humans, traffic and the other situations a more mature moose, knowing fear, would avoid.

He added that the moose appeared thin and bony because his summer coat of fur is thin and reveals the bones beneath.

Two hours after the moose was first spotted, police reported on Facebook that Rudolph had “herded [the moose] into a wooded area” and that the animal was out of the way of the traveling public.


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