MMA statement on El Faro report

CASTINE — Several of the officers aboard the 790-foot freighter El Faro, which sank two years ago in Hurricane Joaquin with the loss of all 33 souls on board, were trained at Maine Maritime Academy.

The school issued a statement Dec. 18 in response to the National Transportation Safety Board’s report about the tragedy.

“At Maine Maritime Academy, we work on the sea,” school officials said. “We train for extremely complex and even perilous situations, so our purpose is all the more critical as the findings from the loss of El Faro are reported and analyzed. The NTSB recommendations may very well lead to new safety developments in the industry, and those developments will generate new advances in our curriculum. As industry responds to these developments, critical lessons will be built into experiential training for mariners.

“Our thoughts are with the families of the 33-member El Faro crew,” the statement continues. “We will continue to honor the legacy of our alumni, who are forever the officers and crew of El Faro and who are always present in our hearts and minds. We honor them by continuing to educate and prepare mariners to work at sea. Through the annual Regimental Induction Ceremony, the names of all of our alumni lost at sea and in the line of duty are read aloud and acknowledged, a longstanding tradition. During the ceremony, MMA alumni who have been part of our community and are no longer with us are recognized for their service, their contributions and their lasting influence upon us.

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