The Misty Mountains of Acadia

In August, fog envelops the hills of Mount Desert Island each night on the steady push of salt-scented sea air. It departs soon after sunrise as the long rays of the late summer sun sear the invading mist shredding it and sending it back to its refuge in the Gulf of Maine as it disappears on the drying breeze of midday. It retreats first from the high summits of Acadia revealing each wind-blown mountaintop in turn for the lofty islands of granite they are.

On Sunday, while Seal Harbor was still thick-a-fog, the mist fought valiantly to retain its position above the Bubbles overlooking Jordan Pond. It danced for a time between Cadillac Mountain and Pemetic, and failed in one last assault to reclaim its pre-dawn glory over the cliffs of Sargent Mountain.

Earl Brechlin

Earl Brechlin

Editor at Mount Desert Islander
Former Islander editor Earl Brechlin first discovered Mount Desert Island 35 years ago and never left. The author of seven guide and casual history books, he is a Registered Maine Guide and has served as president of the Maine and New England Press Associations. He and his wife live in Bar Harbor.
Earl Brechlin

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