Minimum wage change

BAR HARBOR — Maine’s minimum wage rose to $10 per hour Jan. 1, as directed by the referendum passed by voters in 2016 that increases the wage $1 per hour every year until 2020, when it reach be $12 per hour.

The referendum also envisioned doing away with the tip credit, the system by which employers are allowed to pay a sub-minimum wage and count a worker’s tips toward the minimum.

But under a change to the law passed by the Legislature last year and signed by Gov. Paul LePage, the tip credit system stands.

“From my conversations after enactment, I’m confident that local restaurant people, both workers and owners, are happy with the result of the reinstated tipped-wage credit,” Rep. Brian Hubbell said this week. “The overall increase in the minimum wage so far seems only beneficial to the state’s economy, so I’m hoping we can all understand the greater effort to have been a success.”

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