MDI sends SOS to those with extra (stimulus) funds

BAR HARBOR — With an estimated $7 million coming to residents of Mount Desert Island from the federal stimulus expected in the next two weeks, Gary Friedmann of Gary Friedmann & Associates is looking to pair unneeded funds with area organizations that have a need.  

Working in conjunction with the MDI Nonprofit Alliance, Friedmann has spent some of his recently acquired downtime doing the work he has done for the last 30 years: using the skills of organization and communication to bring aid to where it is needed most. The project is called Share our Stimulus MDI.  

Of the funds expected to come from individual stimulus checks, Friedmann expects that some recipients might be in a position to donate some or all of that money to those less fortunate. “This crisis affects all of us, without exception — but unevenly,” said Friedmann in a recently issued press release. “A $1,200 stimulus check may be an extra windfall for some, while for others facing unemployment or loss of business, it falls far short of paying the bills.” 

The concept behind the effort is simple, say organizers. “Allow people to share their stimulus checks with island neighbors who need it most. If you can afford to donate all or part of your check, you will help someone feed their family, avoid eviction, buy much needed medication, or pay for childcare so they can continue working at the hospital or grocery store. 

In order to facilitate donations, a webpage has been created on the MDI Nonprofit Alliance website and will allow people to donate directly to organizations, as well as to a general fund that will be managed by the United Way of Eastern Maine to directly help residents in need.  

For more information call Friedmann at (207) 460-7326 or email [email protected] 


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