Henry Brauer and his crew on the J/100 Fleetwing finished second place during Sunday racing, part of the Mount Desert Island Series for the Carol Haaland Trophy. PHOTO COURTESY OF FRAN CHARLES

MDI sailing scoreboard

Northeast Harbor Fleet Luders 16 Class Sunday Series

Eight Luders came out on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon on July 9 for four races in Great Harbor. Alec Fisichella, a rising star on the Mount Desert Island High School sailing team, taught the old timers a few lessons about starting aggressively, executing great maneuvers at the turns and having strategies on how to get through the puffs.

Top eight after four races: 1. Alec Fisichella, 2. Bill Smith, 3. Connor Ratcliff, 4. David Folger, 5. Rick Wheeler, 6. Pancho Cole, 7. David Conway, 7. Bill Horner.

MDI Series Carol Haaland Trophy

Tom Rolfes in Sidewinder came away from the July 9 race with a bullet to take the top spot after finishing third in the July 25 pursuit.

Top eight after two races: 1. Tom Rolfes, 2. Mike Cook, 3. Henry Brauer, 4. Ken Weg, 5. Hal Kroeger, 6. Chris Hopkins, 7. Jack Roberts, 8. Joe Weber.

Northeast Harbor Fleet July IOD Series for the Rockefeller Trophy

John Henry in Gambler has notched two bullets to stay in the top spot of the July series with 13 points, but Sean Beaulieu in Aurora is a close second with 14 points.

Top 10 after four races: 1. John Henry, 2. Sean Beaulieu, 3. Nicholas Schoeder, 4. Steve Madeira, 5. John Roberts, 6. David Schoeder, 7. Sydney Roberts Rockefeller, 8. Mia Thompson, 9. David Rockefeller Jr., 10. Jean Burden.

Hospice Regatta of Maine Top 10 Finishers

IODs: 1. Sean Beaulieu, 2. John Roberts, 3. Rick Echard,4. John Henry, 5. Steve Madeira, 6. Kevin Snyder, 7. Nicholas Schoeder, 8. David Schoeder, 9. Phil Kennedy, 10. Fred Ford.

Luders: 1. Bill Smith, 2. Ned Johnston, 3. Wells Bacon, 4. Connor Ratcliff, 5. Jim Fernald, 6. David Schoeder, 7. Art Paine, 8. David Folger, 9. Bill Horner, 10. Tom Rolfes.

Cruising Class: 1. Henry Brauer, 2. Ken Weg, 3. Tom Rolfes, 4. Hal Kroeger.


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