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Seal Harbor Yacht Club and Northeast Harbor Fleet Seal Harbor Regatta

It was a spectacular day for a scenic trip around the Cranberries on Aug. 9. The Luders Class sailors had quite a jump, and something must have swallowed the IODs. Quite often, luck is a factor in keeping the breeze or not during the circumnavigation. Domino had a huge lead and went south of Sutton on the sprint to the finish. Sidewinder went north of the island and didn’t seem to hit any of the usual doldrums on that side. It nipped Domino by 100 yards at the finish line off Gilpatrick Cove.

Top 10 finishers: 1. Tom Rolfes, 2. Ned Johnston, 3. Joe Weber, 4. Peter Ill, 5. Christiaan vanHeerden, 6. Mike Cook, 7. Bill Eacho, 8. Alec Gorianski, 9. Roberta, 10. Scott Hirsch

Seal Harbor Yacht Club and Northeast Harbor Fleet O’Brien Cup for IODs and Luders

1. Ned Johnston, 2. Peter Ill, 3. Christiaan vanHeerden, 4. Alec Gorianski, 5. Scott Hirsch, 6. Glenn Squires, 7. David Conway, 8. Wells Bacon

Southwest and Northeast Harbor Fleets The Luders 16 August Series

Top 10 after four races: 1. Ned Johnston, 2. Alec Fisichella, 3. Wells Bacon, 4. Ken Brookes, 5. David Folger, 6. Jim Fernald, 7. Bill Knowlton, 8. Henry Brauer, 9. Connor Ratcliff, 10. Bill Smith

Northeast Harbor Fleet August Series for the Taormina Cup

A very tricky breeze played games of temptation and then rescinded the offer time and time again on Monday, racing to finish the August series. Scott Redmon and team of Gosling won the day with a couple of deuces and Live Yankee took second on the day, finding the throttle in the light shifty conditions. Congratulations on a fine but abbreviated August Series at the Fleet.

Final results after 12 races: 1. John Henry, 2. Ted Madara/Peter Ill, 3. David Rockefeller, 4. Sean Beaulieu, 5. Connor Ratcliff/Rowan Fraley, 6. Scott Redmon, 7. Nicholas Schoeder, 8. Carson Crain/Phil Crain, 9. Rick Echard, 10. Bill Dowling, 11. Steve Madeira, 12. Fred Ford, 13. Rob Van Alen, 14. Charlie Wray/Michael Wray, 15. David Schoeder, 16. Syd Roberts Rockefeller, 17. Andrew Kennedy, 18. Jean Burden, 19. Drew Hopkins

Northeast Harbor Fleet Cruising Class MDI Series for the Carol Haaland Trophy

Top 10 after five races: 1. Sidewinder, 2. Fleetwing, 3. Lynnette, 4. Ranger, 5. Far Out, 6. Dreadnought, 7. Watermark, 8. Woodie, 9. Scarlett BEE, 10. Iris

The Northeast Harbor Fleet The Fleet Sunday Series July, August 2017

Congratulations to Alec Fisichella and Art Paine, who sailed to straight aces on the final day of competition. Shearwater‘s cannons will be awarded at the fleet annual meeting and prize ceremony on Saturday, Aug. 26, at 4 p.m. Thanks to Moose, Wilson and J.P. for helping out on the mark boat all summer long. And thanks to Sue Charles, who was assisting on Shearwater and taking all of those candid shots, too.

Series final results after 14 races: 1. Alec Fisichella, 2. David Folger/Rick Echard, 3. Connor Ratcliff/Chloe Vincenty, 4. Wells Bacon, 5. Rick Wheeler/Kevin Snyder, 6. Bill Smith/Missy Marron, 7. D. Conway, D. Schoeder, A. Shafer, 8. Pancho Cole, 9. Scott and Melissa Hirsch, 10. Ned Johnston, 11. Bill Horner, 12. Ken Brookes



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