Bill Dowling in Mischief leads the Northeast Harbor IOD fleet in recent competition. PHOTO COURTESY OF SUE CHARLES

MDI sailing leaderboard

Northeast Harbor Fleet Luders July Series

With 17 boats participating in July, the Luders Class has eclipsed the IOD Class as the largest class of sailboats on a Mount Desert Island starting line this summer.

A faint southeast breeze barely filled the Great Harbor last Friday, with 15 sailboats ready for battle. Starting off Gilpatrick Ledge, the racers worked towards the west end of Sutton Island on a two-lap course. A thin, faint overcast prevented the heat pump of Acadia’s mountains from developing, so crews were left with the dregs of a gradient high pressure system. Bill Smith in Freight Train to Your Love Baby took the lead with two bullets, followed by Mount Desert Island High School sailing standout Connor Ratcliff in Surprise.

Top 10 after three races: 1. Bill Smith, 2. Connor Ratcliff, 3. Jim Fernald, 4. David Folger, 5. Wells Bacon, 6. Ned Johnston, 7. Art Paine, 8. Ken Brookes, 9. Bill Horner, 10. Rick Wheeler

Cruising Class MDI Series for the Carol Haaland Trophy

Monday’s race started out in Norwood Cove with Henry Brauer in Fleetwing ahead by an “island length.” Fleetwing rode some nice little puffs right onto the rocks at the east end of Sutton Island. After disrupting a big party with the bang of the boat’s keel, Henry and Stevie came back to seeing straight, and they closed the gap on Far Out and took the race after a long reach back to Gilpatrick from Islesford.

Top seven after three races: 1. Henry Brauer, 2. Tom Rolfes, 3. Hal Kroeger, Joe Kief, 4. Mike Cook, 5. Ken Weg, 6. Chris Hopkins, 7. Jack Roberts

Northeast Harbor Fleet IOD July Series for the Rockefeller Trophy

Beautiful sailing was enjoyed up in Somes Sound on Monday while the fog kept everything in the Great Harbor dank and dreary. The first race was a short beat from Fernald Rock in Norwood Cove up to mark S, followed by a very long run to the top of Somes Sound and back in front of Sargent Point for a windward finish. Woodie led wire to wire with Gambler nipping all the way.

The second race was a double gate special with a top gate under the tip of Acadia Mountain followed by another long run and a beat back to Flying Mountain for a windward finish before passing out of the sound. Aurora and Puff hit on each other all the way out, with Hard Rain skippered by Alec Fisichella waiting to bounce on any error the leaders might make.

Top 10 after nine races: 1. Nicholas Schoeder, 2. John Henry, 3. Sean Beaulieu, 4. John Roberts, 5. Steve Madeira, 6. Rick Echard, 7. David Schoeder, 8. Jean Burden, 9. Mia Thompson, 10. Fred Ford

Northeast Harbor Fleet Sunday Series

Fog didn’t slow down the eight racers who came to sail Sunday. It was a beautiful sunny day in Norwood Cove, and the tide was flooding. Wisps of fog were piling into the Northeast Harbor shore and hovered along the southeastern tip of Greening Island. Four races were held with different courses for each one. The final race around Greening Island was the most interesting with everyone rafted together with 200 yards to go. Alec Fisichella snuck into the breeze first and sprinted to the finish line in Ludicrous.

Top nine after eight races: 1. Alec Fisichella, 2. Connor Ratcliff, 3. Bill Smith, 4. David Folger, 5. Rick Wheeler, 6. Wells Bacon, 7. David Conway, David Schoeder, 8. Pancho Cole, 9. Bill Horner

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