Maskless hospital employee draws community concern

BAR HARBOR  On Tuesday, Mount Desert Island Hospital administrators were forced to begin a Town Hall Series virtual session by addressing a personnel matter that had spilled over into the public sphere. 

The matter, concerning a Bar Harbor emergency room employee who was photographed at a recent Trump campaign event in Levant without a mask, has drawn sharp criticism and a social media firestorm that has also led to calls and inquiries to the hospital from community members. The campaign event drew a crowd well above the state-mandated limit for outdoor gatherings, which currently stands at 100 people. 

While hospital President and CEO Arthur Blank did not mention the employee by name, a photo of Michelle Kaplan, who is also running in a race for a House of Representatives seat in District 132, has been circulating widely across social media platforms and has drawn sharp criticism from the community just days before the election.  

Dr. J.R. Krevans said that MDI Hospital staff are to abide by CDC guidelines at all times and said there are consequences to employees who are believed to violate state or local protocols.  

“First, the employee has to quarantine themselves for 14 days; second, the employee is to take mandatory COVID health and safety classes; and third, depending on the extent of the transgression, the employee may be disciplined,” said Blank. 

When contacted on Tuesday by MDI blogger Lincoln Millstein, with the Quietside Journal, Kaplan said she would quarantine for 14 days. Hospital officials have also confirmed to the Sun Journal that Kaplan did work a shift at the hospital after the rally and that she is currently in quarantine.  

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