Mask donations welcome

BROOKLIN — Aaron Porter, editor of Professional Boatbuilder magazine, sent a plea last week to professional or hobby boatbuilders to donate N95 masks to medical facilities, in light of the current shortage. 

If you have any spare, or even not-so-spare, N95 designated dust masks in your shop or inventory, find them today and donate them to your closest medical facility,” he wrote. “I passed my last 10-mask sleeve off to a favorite medical practitioner last weekend. Her gratitude and fear were palpable. Her clinic had one N95 her size in stock, and the inevitable wave of coronavirus patients in our city had not even started yet. 

If there’s an industry that recognizes a Dunkirk moment when we see one, it is boatbuilding,” he continued. “Find out whether your closest hospital has a designated drop-off area or, as I did, pass them on to someone you know who is likely to be heading into the dangerous arena of the pandemic response. Don’t shake their hands, don’t embrace them, but tell them thank you. 

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