Luck breaks bad for illegal camper

ACADIA NAT’L PARK — Things ended up breaking bad for a Vermont man allegedly camping out illegally at Seawall on Tuesday. Walter White, 21, of Brattleboro was summonsed by rangers on a charge of possession of a controlled substance (PCS) for allegedly being caught with marijuana.

According to rangers, White set up camp in undeveloped woods behind the group camping sites. He was warned for camping outside a designated area.

Rangers added that White, who also had an unloaded and not readily accessible firearm stashed in a backpack, had paid the park entrance fee but apparently decided against paying the additional fee for a campsite.

William Hertello, 26, of Canton, Mass., was summonsed by rangers on May 28 on a charge of PCS. Hertello also was staying at the Seawall Campground.

On May 30, a 41-year-old woman from Norwood, Conn., broke her ankle in a fall on the stairs at Thunder Hole along Ocean Drive. Rescue crews carried her a short distance to the road, and she was taken to the Mount Desert Island Hospital Emergency Room by Bar Harbor Ambulance.

A 57-year-old woman fell off a private carriage and injured herself on Sunday. According to reports, the carriage had stopped on the Day Mountain Bridge so the woman could take a photograph.


After checking 391 vehicles Sunday at a sobriety checkpoint on Route 3, the Hancock County RIDE Team arrested two people and summonsed a third on a civil violation.

Two motorcyclists, Brian Jalbert, 32, of Ayer, Mass., and Kenneth Jalbert, 46, of Harwich, Mass., were charged with operating while under the influence (OUI). The men are uncle and nephew, according to Trooper Chris Smith of the Maine State Police. They were booked into the Hancock County Jail in Ellsworth and later released on bail.

Frank George, 53, of Penobscot was summonsed on a charge of possessing a useable amount of marijuana.

RIDE stands for Reducing Impaired Driving Enforcement. The team consists of officers from the sheriff’s department, Maine State Police and police departments in Bar Harbor, Ellsworth and Bucksport, and is funded through a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration grant.

A traffic stop Saturday on the Goose Cove Road ended in the arrest of a 25-year-old resident.

Logan Hanson was arrested on an outstanding warrant charging her with failure to appear in court.

Unnamed Good Samaritans are credited with finding a resident who suffers from dementia. A woman reported Saturday that her husband was missing. The man later was located in Amherst and taken back home by the people who found him.


A resident complained Monday that she is being harassed by a family member.

According to the sheriff’s department, the woman’s nephew followed her to a beach on the Cape Road, parked next to her and stared at her. The complainant, after speaking with a deputy, decided to file a harassment order in court.

A person who reportedly was riding a motorcycle on a walking trail Saturday was warned about his actions.

A woman called the sheriff’s department Friday to report that two tires on her vehicle had been slashed during the night.

Deputy Luke Gross dealt with a May 25 complaint about a neighbor playing loud music on more than one occasion.

A parking issue at the town pier was reported to town officials and resulted in a warning May 25 for the alleged violator.

Southwest Harbor

A Lamoine man escaped serious injury when the truck he was driving left Route 102 at the top of Carroll’s Hill on Friday and rolled onto its side.

Tyler Murphy, 28, reportedly fell asleep, causing the 2004 Chevrolet one-ton dump truck to leave the road.

Officer Levi Soper responded to a report Sunday of two teenaged males throwing firecrackers from the roof of a residence on South Causeway Lane before driving off in a blue Chevrolet Cruze. The youths were not located.

A woman reported Saturday that coins had been stolen from her vehicle.

Five Masonic grave markers were reported missing May 24 from Mt. Height Cemetery. The matter is being investigated.

Mount Desert

A traffic stop Saturday resulted in a summons for a Bar Harbor man. Richard Stem Jr., 40, was summonsed on a charge of operating after suspension.

A bicycle was reported missing Monday from Northeast Harbor.

A 2014 Subaru driven by a Joseph Blanchfield, 40, of no given town in New York sustained minor damage after striking a deer May 26 on Route 102.

People camping in the Day Mountain parking lot in Seal Harbor May 25 were warned that they were in violation of town ordinance.

Bar Harbor

Police responded to a report of domestic violence early in the morning of May 26 at a Main Street residence. Donald Zander, 26, of Bar Harbor was arrested on a charge of domestic violence assault. He was taken to Hancock County Jail in Ellsworth.

Richard Tibbetts, 64, of Oxford was arrested early Sunday morning in Hulls Cove on a charge of domestic violence aggravated reckless conduct. Police had received a report of a domestic dispute Saturday evening at a Main Street residence and took a description of Tibbetts’ vehicle. He was released on bail a short time after his arrest.

Two men were arrested early Saturday morning after reportedly throwing a large rock and threatening to pull a gun in an argument downtown. Dylan Grivois, 26, of Hancock was arrested on charges of disorderly conduct and criminal threatening. William Purington, 24, of Chelsea was arrested on charges of aggravated reckless conduct, disorderly conduct and criminal threatening. They were taken to the Hancock County Jail. The two also are suspected of breaking a window in a parked vehicle, police said.

Erin O’Sullivan, 23, of Woodstock, Ga., was driving a black Honda Accord on the Crooked Road near Betsy’s Road the evening of May 25 when he reportedly lost control on a sharp turn and overcorrected, sending the vehicle off the road. The front passenger corner of the car struck a tree. O’Sullivan was wearing a seatbelt and uninjured, according to reports, but the vehicle had to be towed.

Vernon Shay, 25, of Gouldsboro was arrested early Sunday morning on Route 3 on a charge of OUI.

Maura Thornton, 36, of Winston-Salem, N.C., was arrested early Monday morning on a charge of OUI.

Daniel Smith, 32, of Bucksport was driving a Bar Harbor ambulance Friday when the ambulance clipped a side mirror of a parked Toyota Rav4 on Main Street. No charges were filed.

Peter Jeffery, 56, of Bar Harbor was summonsed May 25 on a charge of allowing a dog to roam at large.

Police warned a man for trespassing following a complaint of a group of people sitting on the roof of a house early Saturday morning.

In two separate incidents this week, police warned people against sleeping in their vehicles.

A woman eating ice cream was warned about distracted driving following complaints of a sedan “all over the road” last week.

Someone reportedly shot an arrow from a crossbow into a business sign on Route 3, damaging the sign last week. Police retrieved the arrow and are investigating.

A caller reported finding stickers with anti-government messages on the wayfinding signs in the Village Green. The stickers have been removed.

Jonathan Sanders, 31, of Philadelphia, Pa., was summonsed for allegedly passing a stopped school bus when its red lights were flashing on the morning of May 25. John Garcia, 58, of Hulls Cove was cited Monday morning on the same charge.

Ashley Files, 23, of Bucksport was cited on a speeding charge on Route 3 May 25.

Officer Soren Sundberg reported seeing a small child half out of the sun roof of a vehicle driving on Route 3 Saturday morning. Due to heavy traffic, he said, he was unable to stop the vehicle and warn the occupants about the unsafe activity.

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