Lobster license waiting list

AUGUSTA — Fishermen on the waiting list for a commercial lobster license are advised to watch their mailboxes in the next few weeks.

As directed by a bill passed in the state legislature this spring, the Maine Department of Marine Resources is in the process of contacting all individuals who are currently on the lobster license waiting lists for each of the six limited-entry zones (A, B, D, E, F and G) to determine if they wish to remain on the waiting list, or if they no longer want a lobster license and wish to be removed from the list.

The department has sent out a form to each individual on each of the six waiting lists. Individuals who wish to remain in their current position on the waiting list must return the completed form by Sept. 2.

If an individual does not respond within the time frames provided by law, the commissioner is required to delete that person’s name from the list.

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