Lobster hauling times released

BOOTHBAY HARBOR — The Maine Marine Patrol has released a chart of legal haul times for lobster during the period from June through October. The hauling times apply to both commercial and non-commercial state licensed lobster harvesters in state and federal waters.

It is legal to haul lobster traps at any time from Nov 1 to May 31. It is also legal to set lobster traps at any time throughout the year, but hauling or raising traps must be done inside the legal hours.

From June through October, hauling is limited to the period half an hour before sunrise to half an hour after sunset. The legal times are computed from published sunrise and sunset times for Augusta.

From June through August, hauling also is prohibited on Sundays (during the period from 4 p.m., Saturday to a half hour before sunrise the following Monday morning).

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