Linn supporters sue Dunlap’s office

AUGUSTA — A group of supporters for disqualified U.S. Senate primary candidate Max Linn are suing Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap in hopes of having votes for Linn counted at the Republican Primary on June 12.

Linn was disqualified after his ballot access petitions were challenged by staffers for Eric Brakey (R-Auburn). Linn’s name still will appear on the ballot, but Brakey is the only eligible candidate at the primary.

At two separate challenge hearings, Dunlap found that enough signatures were forged or from deceased voters to push Linn under the threshold to run for office.

The lawsuit filed Monday by 14 signees of Linn’s ballot access petitions claims as many as 175 signatures were approved by other agencies before Dunlap ruled them illegitimate.

Linn supporters have been at work posting signs around Maine and sending out mailers to Maine voters. The mailers read “Don’t let the Democrat secretary of state tell you that your vote doesn’t count. Fight the establishment. Vote Max Linn June 12. President Trump is depending on it.”

Linn is a Bar Harbor property owner, but his election filings list an Ellsworth post office box address.

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