Linn could be out of Senate race

AUGUSTA — Max Linn, a financial planner from Bar Harbor, was disqualified from the June U.S. Senate Republican primary after Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap threw out more ballot access petition signatures at a second challenge hearing Tuesday.

Dunlap threw out 28 signatures on April 24, after disqualifying 230 signatures at the first hearing on April 5. Linn’s current total of signatures is 1,990, 10 fewer than the required 2,000 to qualify for the primary.

The ruling is not final because the case is still in Kennebec County Superior Court after Dunlap’s original decision was appealed by staffers for Eric Brakey, the other Republican candidate. Justice William Stokes was expected to review Dunlap’s decision on April 25 and rule on it later.

Linn will still appear on the ballot in June, but notices will be posted at the polls saying that he is no longer a candidate, if Dunlap’s decision holds.

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