The Bar Harbor Village Green is illuminated by the light of candle luminaria placed in honor of those fighting cancer and those who have lost their lives to the disease. ISLANDER PHOTOS BY LIZ GRAVES

Lighting the way to hope and remembrance

BAR HARBOR – The YWCA Mount Desert Island hosted the 19th Annual Carol Dyer Memorial Luminaria Evening on Saturday. The annual event, held on the Village Green, honors cancer survivors and those who have lost their battle with cancer. It was started by the friends of Carol Dyer, a children’s librarian for the Jesup Memorial Library who passed away from a brain tumor in 2001. More than 240 luminarias were lit in honor of friends and loved ones. Proceeds from this year’s event will be donated to Hospice Volunteers of Hancock County.  

The names of the honorees appear below.  

Jane Allen
Becky Bergstrom
Mary Berlanbach
Phyllis Bird
Anne Marie Wise Booth
Mary Boucher
Mary Boucher
Wayne Bragg
Barbara Brewer
Beth Brignull
Beth Brignull
Peter Bryant
Peter Byrant
Marguerite Bryant
Donald Bryant
Bob Buck
Russell Burns
Maureen Buskard
George Buttimer
James Campbell
Terry Carlisle
Sally Chamberlain
Dr. Arthur Champlin
Leigh Chegwin
Danny Clark
Doris Cloutier
Dan Collins
Donald J Cullinane
Ruth Curtis
Larry Cusack
Ann Diamond
Gail Disney
Joy Donahue
Carol Doucette
Mac Dow
Betsy Drake
Carol Dyer
Carol Dyer
Florence Eagan
Lisa Farley
Tammy Ferraiolo
Sarah Flynn
Sarah Flynn
Earl Fochtman
Marie Fredericksen
Susan Ellen Gallagher
Bonnie Gallagher
Susan Ellen Gallagher
William J Gallagher
William F Gallagher
Karen Girvan
Mim & Roli Glaude
Luere (Hodgkins) Glover
Grafton A. Googins
Joe Goubeaux
Merle Grass
Natalie Gray
Raymond Gray
Craig Greene
Vernon Greene, Sr
Jamie Hagedorn
Frank & Pat Hague
Everett Hall
Marjorie Hamor
Mary Hanke
Ann Harriman
Marjorie Harrison
Mim Helfrich
David Hessler
Joyce Hessler
Sheila Hessler
Agnes Hoey
Barbara Hohler
Carolyn Hougan
Valerie Howard
Benton Hubbard
Debra Innes
Debra Innes
Debra Innes
Debbie Innes
Debra Innes
Martha Jacoby
Nathan Jaffrey
Rita Johnston
Mary Jones
Tom Jordan
Rob Jordan
Rita Kane
Maureen Kane
Ben Kilcollins
Jack Kmita
Jack Knaver
Brianna Koncinsky
Bill Kotansky
Luke Krebs
Luke Krebs
James Krieg
Joanna Kush
Marti Kush
Richard LaHaye
Wes Landon
Cissy Leonardi
Cissy Leonardi
Russell Libby
Deanie Linscott
Tim Littlefield
Anna Logee
Bud Long
Janice Loveland
Catherine Ring Lyons
Marti Lyttle
Emily Mabee
Thomas Madden
Rachel Magoon
Davey Maker
Jessica Marquis
W. John Martel
Lynnabeth Olwin Mays
Lewis Victor Mays
Andy Mays
Emma McAuliffe
Andrea McAuliffe
Cassandra McCann
Lynne McGinn
Dorothy McGreevey
Neil McKay
Benni McMullen
Evelyn McPhee
Michael McPhee
Priscille Michaud
Arnold Migliaccio
Andrew Miller
Peter Miller
Shirley Moulton
Deborah Nale
Ruth Nealings
Maureen Neilly
Emma Dyer Nelson
Emma Nelson
Bob Noonan
Judie Noonan
Kristina O’Neill
Kristina O’Neill
Avi Pariser
Mary Parker
Beth Parker
Mary Parker
Mary Parker
Mary Parker
Beth Parker
Mary Parker
Ruth Samuel Pawul
Chris Popper
Christine Popper
Mary Poulin
Charles Pugh
Charlie Pugh
Rita Qualey
Walter Raleigh
Mae Raleigh
Earle Ramsdell
Persis “Pop” Ray
Sandi Read
Winona Reed
Patricia Ring
Red Robarts
Trudy Roberts
Janice Roebuck
David Ropp
Orvis Ryan
Rosa May W. Samuel
Pam Saunders
Patty Higgins Schmaedig
Irma Schmitz
Molly Schwartz
Harold Searchfield
Irene Shanahan
Roberta Shaw
Nancy Simpson
Nancy Simpson
Susan Slavet
Teresa Smith
Kenneth Smith
Sharon Smith
Stacey Smith
Debbie Snow
Kathy Solley
Joan Southey
John Stewart
Sara Myrick Stoltz
Chris Storer
Jean Storer
Jeanette Stout
Helen Ann Casey Strout
James Sullivan
Nancy Sweeney
Leyla Tezcan
Patricia Thomas
Patricia Thomas
Patricia Thomas
Patricia Thomas
Patricia Thomas
Gwyneth Thomas
Rebecca Higgins Thomas
Barbara Trevett
Patricia Vaillancourt
Vicky Vendrell
Vicky Vendrell
Vicky Vendrell
Vicky Vendrell
Kathy Venezia
Alma Walsh
Kimberly Walsh
Ginger Walsh
Patti Wharton
Dorothy Wheatland
Steve – Dad White
Steve – My Husband White
Cookie Willems
Peggy Williamson
Melba Wilson
Vernice Towne
Gone too soon. Forever in my heart!
Ooma Love, Nicholas
Ooma Love, Mac
Ooma Love, Sas
Mom Love, Nanette Jane
Aunt Liz
Canjin “Wil”
Minnie & Joe
Hospice Volunteers of Hancock County
Hospice Volunteers of Hancock County
Hospice Volunteers of Hancock County
Hospice Volunteers of Hancock County
Hospice Volunteers of Hancock County
Hospice Volunteers of Hancock County
Hospice Volunteers of Hancock County
Hospice Volunteers of Hancock County
Hospice Volunteers of Hancock County
Mitzi Dowden
DeKarlo Dowden
Vernita Cross

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