A member of the U.S. Coast Guard places a flag and U.S. Lighthouse Service plaque at the headstone of Marnel R. Newman, who died in 1908 at the age of 20 after falling into the water near Saddleback Ledge Light. Newman was one of 16 former lighthouse keepers recognized at a ceremony last Wednesday at Mount Height Cemetery in Southwest Harbor. ISLANDER PHOTO BY TAYLOR BIGLER

Lighthouse keepers honored

SOUTHWEST HARBOR — A ceremony organized by Lighthouse Digest honored 16 historic lighthouse keepers at Mount Height Cemetery on Wednesday, Sept. 28.

Each lighthouse keeper’s gravesite was marked with a historical lighthouse keeper marker. Keepers Vinal O. Beal, George S. Conners, Willis Dolliver, Thomas Faulkingham, Arthur Ginn, Paul Kessler, Rufus King, Vurney L. King, Amos B. Newman, Charles H. Newman, Marnel R. Newman, William J. Newman, Clifford M. Robbins, Howard P. Robbins and William Stanley were honored for their service.

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