This group of Vietnam-era military veterans was honored Saturday at a recognition ceremony hosted by the American Legion, George Edwin Kirk Post 25 in Bar Harbor. Each veteran received a pin and personal thanks from Command Sgt. Maj. Jimmie W. Spencer, U.S. Army, Ret. ISLANDER PHOTO BY LIZ GRAVES

Legion honors Vietnam vets

BAR HARBOR — “We are not a perfect nation, but one of our greatest strengths is that we recognize our mistakes and take measures to correct them,” said retired Army Command Sgt. Maj. Jimmie Spencer.

He was speaking at a ceremony held Saturday at the American Legion George Edwin Kirk Post 25 to recognize Vietnam-era veterans, many of whom returned from service overseas in the 60s and 70s to indifference, scorn or contempt from their fellow citizens.

The ceremony was part of an ongoing special commemoration by the U.S. Department of Defense of the 50th anniversary of the war.

The Vietnam memorial in Washington, D.C., he said, is different from most other war memorials. Usually, a viewer needs to stand at a distance to appreciate the whole of a large memorial.

But the Vietnam memorial wall is “best realized when you’re standing close,” he said. “Close enough to touch it, close enough to see your reflection in that black granite.” Close enough to read the names, each of which “represents a young person who answered the call.”

Spencer personally thanked each of the dozens of Vietnam-era vets at the event “on behalf of a grateful nation.” Each received a Vietnam Veteran Lapel Pin from him and a certificate from Post 25 Commander Barbara MacPike.

Mount Desert Island residents recognized included Beth Macul of American Legion Post 103 in Northeast Harbor, who served in the navy between 1967 and 170; John Walls, Post 25’s sergeant-at-arms, who served as a tech sergeant in the air force from 1953 to 1976. Among the Post 25 members who were deployed to Vietnam were Richard Hamor, who served in Bein Hoa, and Stephen Mitchell, who served in Vung Tau.

Post 25 Adjutant Paul Blackstone, Chaplain Domenico Marchesani and Christine Harding of the Women’s Auxiliary also addressed the gathering.

The following Vietnam-era military veterans were recognized with a pin and certificate at the special commemoration ceremony, though not all were able to attend in person.

Paul Blackstone     Bar Harbor  E-5, USMC, MCB, Camp LeJeune, N.C. 1975-1978

John Bennoch        Salsbury Cove       Post 25

Norman Bowden   Bucksport    E-4, PO3, USN

Richard Bowden    Bucksport    E-4, PO3, USN

George Bridgham  Bangor         2nd Class Petty (E-5), NAS Whiting Field, Milton, Fla. 1965-1971

Helen Murphy Brooks     Robbinston  E-2, WAC, Med. Co. Ft. Belvoir, Va., 1955-1956

Robert Broussard   Lamoine      E-8, Senior Chief, US Navy, 1944-1974

Steve Burgess        Machinist Mate, USN, USS America, Aircraft Carrier CVA66, 1967-1971

Frank W. Butler     Fletchers Landing            EM2 (E-5), USN, USS Fulton AS-II, 1973-1977

Richard L. Butters  Ellsworth     Post 207, SAC, 1960-1980

Bruce Clark Ellsworth     LCDR, USN, USS Chicago &USS Midway CVA41,1966-67

Chris Coston          MDI   Post 25

Dick Cough Bar Harbor  USCG, Post 25

Gregory A. Couture         West Gardiner       LT, USN, Retired, Surface Warfare Officer, 1971-93

Doug Daman         Bangor         Airman, Commander Post 12

Frank Dunbar        Bucksport    E-4, US Army

William Dyer         Bar Harbor  Post 25

Merrill Elias MDI   Post 103, CPT. USAF, AFSC, RADC, Griffin, NY. AFB

Pamela Farnsworth          Southwest Harbor  PNC (Retired) USN, Moffett Field, CA. 1973-1996

Donald E. De Golyer       MDI   CPT. US Army, 521st Engineer Grp., 7th Army Support Cmd. 1961-1968

Robert Goodwin    Bar Harbor  E-5, HQ. Co. 82nd Airborne Div. Ft. Bragg, N.C. 1969-72

Michael L. Gordon          Bar Harbor  Post 25

Francis Grindle II  Bucksport    E-6, USAF, Post 93

Donald Johnston    Bar Harbor  195th Army Band

Richard Keene       Trenton        Sp-4, 502nd, Corp Eagle, US Army, 1970-1971

Lionel Harvey        Bucksport    E-7, USN, Post 93

Brian Hamor          Bar Harbor  E-5, US Army, A Co. NCOIC, Motor Pool, Bein Hoa, Vietnam. 1964-68, Post 103

Richard Hamor      Bar Harbor  CPT. G-2 Opn. HQ, 1CAV. Div. Bein Hoa, Vietnam, Post 25

Jim Harper   Bar Harbor  US Army 1969-1970

Paul Jewett   Northeast Harbor   USN/USAF, Post 207

Patrick Landry       Bucksport    E-5, US Army, Post 93

Douglas Lee Trenton        LTC, HHD 173rd Med. Bn. 13th USA Corps, 1st US Army, 1959-1975

Carroll Leland        MDI   Sgt. USAF, 526th Mechanic-Fighter Intercept Sqd. Ramstein, Germany, 1964-1968

Donald Loncto       Fletchers Landing  E-5, US Army, MP 8th Army HQ. 1968-1971

Beth Macul  Northeast Harbor   CYN, USN, CINCLANTFLT, Norfolk, VA. and NAVCOMMSTAWASHDC, Md. 1967-1970

Ron Madore Lamoine      US Army

Bob Mc Glauflin    Bangor         Airman 1st Class, USAF, 306 2ND Sqd., 306 Bomb Wing (Heavy) Orlando, Fl. 1972-1991

William Mahoney  MDI   LT. USN, USS Wasp, CVS 18 Carrier

Domenico Marchesani     Bar Harbor  Second Class PO, Aviation Mach. Mate, 1955-1957

Stephen Mitchell    Bar Harbor  E-4, US Army, 805th Transportation, Vung Tau, Vietnam, Post 25

Robert Moore        MDI   Sp. 4, US Army, 1/87th Infantry BN. HQ CO.

Charles Mulhern    Ellsworth     Sgt. US Army, A Troop, ¾ CAV. 25th Infantry, 1964-1967

Donald Nelson       Bucksport    E-7, USAF, Post 93

Grover Nevells      Bar Harbor  Post 25

Darrell Leon Paine Lamoine      E-4, USMC, SU #1, CasCo. H&SBn. MCB, CamPen. Ca. 1967-1971

Arden L. Peach      Bar Harbor  Post 25

Harry Rideout        Hermon       79th Engineers

Albert R. Scott       Ellsworth     Sp 4, US Army, CO. A 141st Sig BN 1st Armor Div. Ft. Hood, Tx. 1962-1965 and 1972-1995, American Legion District 12 Commander

John Arthur Shea   MDI   Sp 4, US Army, 15 Admin.Co. 1st CAV (AIR)1963-1965

Alan Silverman      Seal Harbor Post 25

Ronald Slahucka    Bucksport    CPT, USMC, Post 93

Frank L. Stanley    MDI   PO 3rd Class, USCG, 1974-1978

Dan Sullivan          Ellsworth     Airman First Class, USAF, 99th Bombardment Group, Westover AFB, Mass. 1966-1970

Louis V. Tonero    Amherst       Sgt. USMC, HMM-161, 1969-1970

William Vanhorn   Winter Harbor       Post 25

John Walls   Bar Harbor  Post 25, Tech Sergeant, USAF, 1953-1976

Scott VerWay        Ellsworth     USN, 1973-1977

Richard Viera        MDI   USCG under order of US Navy, 1959-1995

A Surviving Spouse Certificate of Honor was also presented to Angie Scott, wife of the late Rodney Earl Scott of Biddeford, E-4, U.S. Army, HQ Co., Ft. Waynewright, Alaska, 1962-1965.

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