Lectures on aging

BAR HARBOR — The interface between regeneration and aging will be the subject of a “Resetting the Aging Clock” lecture series for the public by leading scientists in the field of regenerative biology and aging to be held July 22 through Aug. 1 at the MDI Biological Laboratory.

The lecture series will be held in conjunction with a two-week biomedical innovation research training course, “Immersion in Comparative Aging and Regenerative Biology (iCARB),” whose goal is to understand the determinants of regenerative capacity in diverse animal species and their link to biological aging.

On Monday, July 22, at 4 p.m. Vera Gorbunova will present “Mechanisms of Longevity in Long-Lived Mammals.” Gorbunova studies the naked mole rat, which is known for its exceptional longevity. On Wednesday, July 24, Alejandro Sanchez Alvarado will present “Past, Present and Possible Futures of Regeneration Research.” Alvarado is known for his research on the planarian, a flatworm that can regenerate an entire organism from a tiny piece of tissue.

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