Lease extended

BAR HARBOR — The Trailhead Café has entered into a short-term lease to remain open at its Cottage Street location through the end of this year, according to co-owner Matthew Hochman.

Hochman rents space for the Trailhead from the neighboring nonprofit Criterion Theatre. He announced Tuesday that he came to an agreement with the theater’s Board of Directors to continue renting the space through the end of the year.

This agreement puts an end to the 30-day notice to quit the premises, served to Hochman and his wife, Angel Hochman, last month. Hochman said at the time that they had a history of paying rent late “especially in the winter, [when] it’s been a struggle to get the rent in on time.”

He told the Islander he is glad to come to a temporary agreement and hopes to make the agreement permanent, but that “the ball is in their court,” and that “we are looking for other locations as well.”

Hochman added, “We are thankful to The Criterion board for working with us. We know that they are volunteers who work really hard to keep that amazing place going.”

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