A rendering of what the back wall of the Harvey Kelley Meeting Room will look like when the saying, "A society grows greater when old folks plant trees in whose shade they know they will never sit,” is installed on the wall. PHOTO COURTESY OF CHRIS SAUNDERS

Kelley meeting room decorations debated

TREMONT — Last week, selectmen discussed placing a saying on the wall behind the Select Board’s table in the Harvey Kelley Meeting Room.

The proposed saying reads, “A society grows greater when old folks plant trees in whose shade they know they will never sit.”

It means, resident Marjory Buck told the selectmen, that “what you do sitting up there affects future generations.”

Located on the lower level of the town office, the Harvey Kelley Meeting Room is a large space with unadorned walls. After publicly introducing the saying, selectmen admitted that the room was a bit bland.

“It’d be nice to jazz the place up,” said Chair Kevin Buck.

Selectman McKenzie Jewett agreed, noting “It is pretty boring around here.”

Their comments led to a discussion about what sort of art or photography should accompany the saying. Selectman Michael Mansolilli suggested that the saying be accompanied by a panorama of an aerial photo of the town.

Resident Marjory Buck suggested that the town run a contest to select a photograph.

Town Manager Chris Saunders mentioned that the town uses a local photographer to produce the town report. He noted that the photographer does not charge for his work on the town report.

“I would have to ask about the cost,” Saunders said.

“Before we decide on this,” said Mansolilli, “it would be nice to ask the historical society if they have photos.”

There was some disagreement about whether to go ahead with the saying before deciding on a photo.

“The saying should go with the picture,” countered Mansolilli. “Picture first, then the saying.”

When it came time to vote on the proposed saying, Mansolilli was the only selectman present to oppose. According to Saunders, Buck will now research costs of hiring a photographer.

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