The parking lots at Kebo Valley Golf Course have been blocked and equipped with no-trespassing signs. ISLANDER PHOTO BY SAMUEL SHEPHERD

Kebo signs explained

BAR HARBOR — For many years, the hills around Kebo Valley Golf Club have been favored by local families as a destination for winter sledding.

But this year, the parking lot is not being plowed. It’s also blocked off with ropes and barriers at Eagle Lake and Cromwell Harbor roads. The barriers and some trees have been posted with signs that say “No Trespassing.”

Kebo manager David Closson said the barriers are there to protect the new pavement that was put on the parking lot this winter. The no-trespassing signs, he said, have always been put up on the perimeter of the golf course.

Closson said that the club would prefer to speak about activities they can allow, rather than activities they can’t.

“I cannot say we allow any other activity on our property besides golf [and] we would not endorse anything that we are not insured for,” Closson said. “What I can say is we have never had anyone arrested for trespassing [who] did not do damage to the course, buildings or equipment.”


Samuel Shepherd

Samuel Shepherd

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