Kay Young honored at nurses conference

BAR HARBOR — Retired CNA Kay Young was honored by more than 100 registered nurses for her support and solidarity during the recent struggle Mount Desert Island nurses engaged in with the hospital.

Nurses from across the state gathered at the Maine State Nurses Association annual meeting to honor Young for participating in vigils and marching at picket lines with registered nurses who recently won a long dispute with MDI hospital over safety concerns. Young marched on days that were cold and on days that were very hot, and she is elderly, or as she said, “Young in name only.”

She did this to help the nurses, and they appreciate it very much. Her standing with the nurses was just a small example of what Young does all the time. She is a gift to the entire community of Bar Harbor.

Young came to Maine just after World War II. It was not easy to be Japanese in those days, and it certainly was hard to learn English. She worked as a nurses’ aide on the night shift at MDI Hospital starting in 1961 and was truly loved by her patients for her calm and gentle manner and her true concern for their every need. Young continues to care for many sick people in town.

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