“Joy Riding” with Island Connections

SOUTHWEST HARBORIsland Connections is hosting an informational session on Tuesday, Nov. 13, 9:30-11:30 a.m. at the Southwest Harbor Public Library on how to become a volunteer driver.

The Bar Harbor-based nonprofit has been providing free transportation for seniors and people with disabilities on Mount Desert Island and the surrounding islands for over 21 years.

“The need for volunteer drivers is at a critical point, with the request for rides out-pacing volunteer recruitment,” a statement from Island Connections said. “No pre-registration is needed for this event, just come to the library to learn more. And bring a friend!”

Volunteer drivers take people to medical appointments, cancer and dialysis treatments, outpatient surgeries, grocery shopping or to the food pantry as well as to meet other basic needs.

“The people who sign up for rides are very appreciative of the service and the ‘joyful’ rides that are provided, enjoying interactions with the warm and caring drivers ranging from basic exchanges of pleasantries, updates on the weather, to discussions about current affairs or family life,” the statement said. “All rides are given with complete confidentiality and each person’s dignity is respected. The experience is a win/win for the neighbor and their family as well as for the volunteer, who has been given the opportunity to give back not only to their community, but to individuals wishing to continue living independently in their homes.”

Contact the library at 244-7065. Visit www.swhplibrary.org.

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