A MUDDY MESS ... When a tow truck could not reach a Jeep stuck in soft mud off the sand bar Sunday morning, an excavator towed it to dry land just before the rising tide swamped the vehicle. See story, page 4. PHOTO COURTESY OF TIM LARY

Jeep towed out of the mud

BAR HARBOR — A Jeep stuck in the mud near the sandbar was towed out by an excavator Sunday morning, just before the incoming tide filled the jeep with water.

According to reports filed by police, Willis Watson of Gladwyne, Pa. had gotten his Jeep stuck in the soft mud during low tide, which peaked at 9:08 a.m.

A tow company was called, but the tow truck could not reach the Jeep without getting stuck in the mud itself.

As the tide started to rise toward the stuck Jeep, George Seavey of Acadia Towing attached a buoy to the vehicle to allow it to float in case it was not rescued in time. Seavey also contacted Tim Lary of TCL Landscaping, who had an excavator.

“I got down there and didn’t see [the Jeep] anywhere,” Lary told the Islander. “They weren’t even near the bar. They were down toward Eden Street. This is the first time I’ve ever seen someone drive around over there.”

Lary drove the excavator along the beach west of the sand bar until he “found a decent spot to shoot across” the mud to the Jeep, he said.

All that time the tide continued to rise. “When I got there, the water was up to the doors of the Jeep,” Lary said. “If I didn’t get there quicker than I did, it would have been swamped.”

Lary waded out to hook the Jeep, then towed it to dry land. The vehicle was drivable, he said.

Becky Pritchard
Former Islander reporter Becky Pritchard covered the town of Bar Harbor and was a park ranger in Acadia for six seasons.
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