JAX moves parking lot entrance  

BAR HARBOR — The Jackson Laboratory’s plan to relocate the driveway entrance of parking lot B in order to improve pedestrian safety was approved by the Planning Board on July 6. 

The new driveway will be constructed approximately 250 feet north of the existing driveway on the west side of Route 3 across from the lab located at 600 Main St. This plan, known as the JAX Lot B Access Project, separates the pedestrian traffic access crossing Route 3 from the main vehicular traffic entering and leaving the parking lot. 

“This is a continuation of the campus safety improvement plan and what this does is move the entrance to lot B a little bit farther north, separating pedestrians from vehicular traffic,” said John Scheckel, project manager with Jackson Laboratory. 

Scheckel said the pedestrian crosswalk and accompanying flashing lights will remain in the current location. A new right-turn lane with a raised landscape island will be added for southbound traffic access to the parking lot. Lighting will be enhanced along that stretch to provide visibility to the parking lot, entrance and driveway into the parking lot. 

A landscaped area with sidewalk access between the parking lot and Route 3 will replace the current right-turn lane and driveway. To further calm traffic, a speed table with a raised midblock crosswalk will be implemented in the same location as the existing crosswalk. 

This project is the latest installment of the lab’s plan to improve the safety of employees around its Bar Harbor campus. In the fall of 2020, the lab added rectangular rapid flashing beacons, new pedestrian crossing signs and dynamic speed feedback signs on the approaches to the crosswalk on Route 3. 

The lab increased these safety measures in 2021 to include separation of the walking path from the driveway entrance in lot B, the removal of a separate right-turn exit lane from lot B and the installation of additional lighting and traffic delineator posts. 

“We have actually talked to the town about a traffic calming plan for Route 3… to slow traffic down through that entire corridor, and this is the first step in the plan,” Scheckel said.  

Victoria DeCoster

Victoria DeCoster

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