New signs will soon guide visitors and employees around Jackson Lab’s 43-acre Bar Harbor campus. The estimated $105,000 sign replacement project was approved in September by the town Planning Department. TOWN OF BAR HARBOR IMAGE

Jackson Lab to get new signs

BAR HARBOR — The Jackson Laboratory will be installing new signage at its Bar Harbor campus, at an estimated cost of $105,000.

The lab’s plan to replace signs on campus was approved by the Design Review Board in December of last year. The Planning Department issued a permit in September.

The new signage “will inform, engage and direct visitors, delivery/maintenance personnel, employees and community members to and through our campus complex with clarity, confidence, and safety,” a representative of the lab wrote in the application.

“Design of the new sign system will express and complement the unique character and architecture of the Lab, the Town of Bar Harbor and the natural surroundings of Acadia.”

The signage, including traffic directional signs, parking lot signs, and building signs, were designed by Branding and Wayfinding, a company of Gamble Design, LLC of Portsmouth, NH. Patrick Taber, facilities engineer at the lab, noted in the application that parking lot signs will be mounted on existing poles.

Jackson Lab’s Bar Harbor campus is 43 acres. The nonprofit research facility employs 1,500 people in Bar Harbor, which makes it the largest employer in Downeast Maine, according to their website.

In materials distributed at a recent community event, the lab reported paying $93,900 to Bar Harbor during fiscal year 2018 in a payment in lieu of taxes (PILOT). The Lab also reported paying $598,000 in water and sewer fees.

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