Island Police Log: Trespassing incidents escalate

MOUNT DESERT — An Otter Creek man was taken to the Hancock County Jail Sunday after police made contact with him on a property he had been repeatedly warned to stay away from. Last week Edwin D. Peake III, 51, was issued a criminal summons on a charge of criminal trespass for allegedly being on the same property.

Peake was arrested Sunday on charges of terrorizing and criminal trespass after allegedly making threatening comments to police that they interpreted to be threatening in a general way.

A 2010 Honda Fit operated by Christopher Saunders, 30, of Bar Harbor reportedly struck a deer in the road on Route 198 Dec. 11. The Honda sustained extensive front end damage and was towed. No injuries were reported. The deer ran off, police said.

A motorist was warned for eating while driving on Oak Hill Road the evening of Dec. 11 after an observer reported they were driving erratically.

A deer ran into Route 198 Friday morning, police said, striking a 2013 Subaru Outback operated by Kenneth Oberg, 60, of Southwest Harbor. The deer died on impact, and the Subaru was towed with extensive damage. Mount Desert firefighters assisted with traffic control.

A 2002 Ford F150 operated by Erik Merchant, 17, of Bar Harbor was reportedly unable to avoid hitting a deer that had entered Route 102 near Beech Hill Cross Road on Friday afternoon. The deer died, and the truck had minor damage. No injuries were reported.

When contacted by police Sunday, the owner of a vehicle parked on the Northeast Harbor pier overnight without a permit for multiple days agreed to move the vehicle.


Bar Harbor

A collision between a parked vehicle and a moving one on Cottage Street Dec. 11 resulted in the former being towed. The parked 2013 Volkswagon GTI was struck, police said, as its owner Douglas Maffucci, 62, of Bar Harbor was opening the door. Maffucci did not see the approaching 2009 Honda Odyssey operated by Miles Redelsheimer, 56, of Mount Desert. Redelsheimer reported not seeing the car door open ahead of him. The Honda, travelling at 15 mph, struck the door of the Volkswagon, causing damage to both vehicles. No injuries were reported. The Volkswagon was towed at the owner’s request, because the door would not close properly.

A car was towed the afternoon of Dec. 11 after striking a large deer on Gilbert Farm Road. The 2009 Subaru Forester operated by Dianne Clendaniel, 57, of Bar Harbor had extensive front end damage. The deer died from the collision.

Jon Guidry, 44, of Bar Harbor was summonsed Dec. 11 on a charge of operating after suspension. Police had pulled him over just before midnight on Eagle Lake Road for failure to stay in his lane, according to reports.

A deer ran into Eden Street the morning of Dec. 12, police said, striking an eastbound 2013 Chevy Equinox operated by Vicki Tibbetts, 55, of Bar Harbor. The car was damaged but drivable. No injuries were reported, and the deer ran off.

A dog that was found wandering in the area of Park Street the afternoon of Dec. 12 was later returned to its owner.

One car backed into another in the Hannaford parking lot the morning of Dec. 13, causing minor damage to both vehicles. A 2011 Toyota Rav4 operated by Carolyn Housman, 56, of Glen Cove was backing out of a parking spot when it reportedly struck a 2003 Subaru Legacy operated by Marie Picard, 82, of Bar Harbor.

Police stopped to assist a driver whose car was in a ditch in the area of Bayside Road the afternoon of Dec. 13. The driver told police she had backed out of her driveway, and accidently kept going into a ditch on the opposite side of the road.

Police stopped a vehicle for erratic operation and speeding on Main Street, the evening of Dec. 13. As a result, Samuel Shaw, 64, of Northeast Harbor was arrested on a charge of operating under the influence. He was released on bail from the police station.

A car reportedly lost control, skidded across the center line and opposite lane, struck a mailbox, continued up and over the curb, and struck a utility pole Friday morning when the driver tried to brake in a hurry. A 2008 Honda Civic operated by Ty Onda, 26, of Trenton was travelling east on Route 3 near Kings Creek Road, following another vehicle, when the other vehicle slowed and Onda attempted to break to avoid it. The Honda was towed and Onda was taken to MDI Hospital in an ambulance.

Police looked for an injured deer Friday afternoon that was reported to be on Eden Street, but did not find the animal.


Southwest Harbor

Police were asked to contact the owner of a vehicle preventing a plow truck from clearing a business parking lot on Dec. 12 around 6 a.m. The officer’s attempts were unsuccessful.

An officer gave a man a ride home Friday morning after his vehicle hit a deer in Mount Desert, rendering it not drivable.

A 9-1-1 call around 4:30 p.m. on Friday turned out to be a child playing with the phone, according to reports.

A woman was warned for allegedly being at the Southwest Harbor Food Mart Monday after being asked not to return there.



Brian Madore, 29, of Trenton was arrested Dec. 10 on a charge of violating conditions of release his release on Dec. 10. He was taken to the Hancock County Jail.



A 2018 Nissan sedan was towed after colliding with a tree on Tremont Road Tuesday afternoon. Driver Xiaofeng Zeng, 21, of New York and a passenger were not injured in the accident and were wearing seatbelts, deputies said.

When Zeng lost control of the car it went off the road, into a ditch, into a field and head on into a tree, according to the sheriff report.


Acadia National Park

Rangers assisted a woman and her dog that tangled with a porcupine on Cadillac Summit Dec. 10. The dog was on a leash. The dog and owner were taken to a veterinarian.

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