Island Police Log: Mobile app aids investigation

SOUTHWEST HARBOR — A resident reported Nov. 12 that he thought he had left his iPhone at a local store, but couldn’t find it when he returned to the store to retrieve it. A friend of the phone’s owner used the Find My iPhone app to help police track the missing phone.

The app indicated the phone was moving, and an officer followed the vehicle from which the phone signal was coming. When the vehicle with the phone stopped, an officer approached the driver asked for the phone.

The man with the phone said he had found the phone and planned to try and track down the owner but, he had been unable to open the screen and the phone kept making a noise in response to the app locating it.

The phone was returned to its owner.

No one was injured in an accident on Main Street in front of the Circle K the morning of Nov. 12. A 2013 Nissan Leaf, driven by Richard Smith, 66, of Seal Cove was traveling south on Main Street when a 2010 Ford Escape driven by Laura Merchant, 32, of Southwest Harbor turned in front of it, attempting to enter the store parking lot, and the two vehicles reportedly collided. Both vehicles had minor damage.

Police responded to a residential alarm at a Seawall residence the morning of Nov. 12 and there appeared to be no sign of anyone entering the home.

An officer responded to an active alarm at a residence on Nov. 13 around 12:30 p.m. and found a contractor fixing a door where the alarm sensor was located.

Two men were warned for disorderly conduct following a verbal argument Sunday evening. One of the two men involved had called police to report a domestic dispute.

Bar Harbor

A deer crossing Eden Street the evening of Nov. 11 reportedly caused the driver of a 2016 Subaru Forester, Sandra Read, 70, of Bar Harbor to swerve and strike a coping stone, causing damage to the right front wheel and tire. No injuries were reported.

Police removed former tenants from a Hulls Cove residence on Nov. 12, when they had returned to the property after being served a court ordered writ of possession — the final step in an eviction process. Police warned the ex-tenants to leave or face arrest, and they left.

Following reported vandalism in a Town Hill apartment unit, police spoke to the former tenant, who admitted to entering the property after locks had been changed and causing damage to the property. Damage reportedly included kicking holes in the walls, damaging the heater and damaging the sink. As a result, police summonsed Kraig Ayotte, 29, of Bangor on a charge of burglary.

Because of its wide width, a modular home received a police escort down Crooked Road the afternoon of Nov. 13.

A man reported finding an air compressor in the road on Route 102 in Town Hill the afternoon of Nov. 14.

A 2012 Nissan pickup truck operated by Marc Fine, 60, of Bar Harbor was travelling north on Route 3 in Hulls Cove Friday evening when it reportedly struck a deer in the road. There was damage to the left front bumper of the Nissan. The deer was not located.

On Saturday, a vehicle operated by Giulia Cardoso, 26, of Bar Harbor, reportedly backed into a legally parked vehicle on Cottage Street, last operated by Scott MacDonald, 61, of Salisbury Cove. Both vehicles had minor damage. Cardoso reported she did not realize the damage at first, but came in to the police department later to report the accident.

An unknown vehicle reportedly struck and damaged a mailbox in the road, in the area of Dreamwood Hill on Route 3 Saturday afternoon. The vehicle had a flat tire after striking the mailbox, police said.

Upon witnessing a loud argument in a hotel parking lot Saturday evening, a hotel employee alerted police of a possible domestic altercation. Police arrived, and found the argument to be verbal.

Someone reported seeing a blinking light in the water to the right of the municipal pier Saturday night and alerted police, thinking someone could be in distress. Police responded and determined the light was a navigational beacon marking the harbor entrance.

Police were notified Sunday afternoon of a possible stolen motorcycle on the side of Route 3, with the keys in it and displaying a “free” sign. Police determined the motorcycle was not stolen; it was being given away by the owner.

Mount Desert

The morning of Nov. 11, a 1998 Jeep Wrangler operated by a teen from Bar Harbor was travelling south on Route 198 when the front driver’s side tire fell off, reportedly causing the driver to lose control of the vehicle. The Jeep went off the road to the right, striking a tree. No injuries were reported, but the Jeep was a total loss.

An Acadia National Park service vehicle operated by Jamey Lewis, 41, of Seal Cove was travelling on Main Street in Somesville the morning of Nov. 12 when a deer reportedly ran into the road, striking the side of the vehicle. The deer was uninjured and the vehicle was not damaged, police said.

A vehicle that reportedly went off the road on Ripples Road in slippery conditions the morning of Nov. 13 was driven out of the ditch by police.

Police followed a school bus on its route Friday morning to watch for vehicles passing the bus with its lights flashing, and found no traffic violations.

A 2006 Toyota Prius operated by Weston Porter, 38, of Seal Cove was travelling west on Pretty Marsh Road near Pond’s End with it reportedly crossed the center line, then overcorrected and drove off the road to the right, striking a boulder and flipping. According to police reports, Porter was “visibly intoxicated” and reported feeling dizzy following the rollover. He was taken to the hospital for a possible head injury, and the Prius was towed. While in the hospital, Porter was summonsed on a charge of operating under the influence.

Police arrested Dylan Thurston, 21, of Bernard on charges of burglary and violating bail conditions, following a report last week of a burglary at a Northeast Harbor business. The police had used security camera footage and social media to identify Thurston.

Police responded to a report of a vehicle on its side next to the fountain in Seal Harbor Sunday evening. No one witnessed the accident, police said. The driver, Shaun Michael Conley, 22, of Seal Harbor, had reportedly left the vehicle and was uninjured. Following an investigation, Conley was arrested on a charge of operating under the influence. He was bailed from the police station.


A deputy received a harassment complaint from a woman the evening of Nov. 12 around 6:30 p.m.


Two cars had damage to their passenger sides after a collision in the Trenton Marketplace parking lot the morning of Nov. 13. Carianne Bente, 30, of Ellsworth was backing her 2015 Honda from a parking space while Joy Foster, 71, of Ellsworth was driving her 2015 Subaru through the parking lot. The Honda reportedly collided with the Subaru and both vehicles had minor damage.

A 2002 Ford Explorer had to be towed from a collision with a utility pole on Route 3 the afternoon of Nov. 5. Matthew Richardson, 36, of Otter Creek told a deputy he started coughing and it caused him to leave the road and hit the utility pole. Richardson was not injured in the accident.

A 2015 GMC pickup driven by Torrey Garland, 42, of Fletcher’s Landing reportedly struck a deer on Route 3 just before 6 a.m. on Monday. There was damage to the front driver’s side of the pickup but it was able to be driven from the accident, according to reports.

Peter Jones, 51, of Trenton was backing his 2016 Ford F250 from a parking spot in a business park lot on Route 3 around 10:30 a.m. on Monday when it reportedly collided with a parked 2015 Subaru Legacy. The Subaru’s owner, Nicholas Shults, 29, of Northeast Harbor was not in the vehicle at the time of the accident.

Acadia National Park

Rangers cited Kate Tallberg, 34 of Portland was cited Oct. 31 at Schoodic Point on a charge of expired vehicle registration over 30 days. Rangers said the registration was 245 days past its expiration.

Peter Evans of Bass Harbor was cited Nov. 3 on charges of driving on a suspended license, failure to provide proof of insurance and expired registration.

Roland Phippens of Southwest Harbor received a citation when he reportedly had an open container of alcohol in his vehicle Nov. 3 at the Seawall Picnic Area.

Stacey Feldmus of Glenburn was cited Nov. 3 on a charge of registration expired over 30 days.

Two people were warned for having horses in a closed area at Eagle Lake Nov. 3.

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