Interest group approach

BAR HARBOR — More public conversation about use of the former ferry terminal is needed, resident Anna Durand said at the public comment period at last week’s Town Council meeting.

“I know this is not a situation where consensus is likely,” she said, “but what happened last night [at a visioning meeting with consultant Louis Ajamil] was kind of a train wreck. If you want the voters to support you and approve a bond in the spring, you need to give them a chance to talk about it.”

She proposed creating a “Bluenose strategy group” with small interest groups working on various aspects of the plans for the property. These could include visual impacts, environmental impacts and economics impacts of different uses.

“Let the townspeople do the homework that was not presented to us last night,” she said.

When Town Manager Cornell Knight announced July 20 that the visioning session planned for July 24 would be postponed, he said one reason was to give the council time to consider this interest group approach.

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