Indigenous Peoples’ Day

BAR HARBOR — On Tuesday, the Bar Harbor Town Council passed a resolution to name the second Monday in October “Indigenous Peoples’ Day.” That’s the day the federal holiday of Columbus Day has traditionally been observed.

Two weeks ago, the Town Council heard testimony from a small group in favor of the change. Supporters decried Columbus’ conquest of indigenous people in the late 1400s.

“It would be the equivalent of a holiday celebrating Ted Bundy,” Penobscot Nation member and lawyer Sherri Mitchell said.

Doug Maffucci of Atlantic Brewing sent a letter to the Town Council saying the holiday originated a celebration of Italian-American culture.

The resolution passed by a vote of 4-3. Councilors Matthew Hochman, Judie Noonan, Gary Friedman and Erin Early Ward were in support. Councilors Pete St. Germain, Paul Paradis and Stephen Coston voted in opposition.

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