How to vote in Bar Harbor

BAR HARBOR – Plans have been finalized for Bar Harbor’s Town Meeting on June 30 at 7 p.m. The meeting will be held in the MDI High School parking lot as a drive-in to meet state COVID-19 requirements.  

This open floor town meeting will focus on the town and school budgets for the fiscal year beginning July 1 and the election of the Warrant Committee. Elections for Town Council, Superintending School Committee and high school trustees, as well as zoning changes, will be on the written ballot Tuesday, July 14, or earlier by absentee voting. 

For Town Meeting June 30, check-in is required to participate and will begin at 6 p.m. At the vehicle checkpoint, voters will receive their voting card, the 2019 annual report, the warrant articles to be voted on and any other pertinent information. After check-in, cars will be directed to a parking spot.  

According to Town Clerk Sharon Linscott, all voting will be done safely from vehicles by holding a voting card out the car window. Voters will only be allowed to leave their vehicles to approach the microphone for questions or comments on the warrant articles. “There will be a strong sound system that will allow all voters in their vehicles to hear what is happening on the stage, similar to the high school graduation event,” said Linscott.  

The slate of nominees for the Warrant Committee is Julie Berberian, Steve Boucher, Robert Chaplin, Sherri Dyer, Michael Good, Emily Henry, Donna Karlson, John Kelly, Meagan Kelly, Amanda Kendall, James Kitler, Seth Libby, Allison Sasner, Christine Smith, Kathleen St. Germain, Lawrence Sweet and Mary Jane Whitney. 

Call the town clerk’s office at 288-4098 for more information. 


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